Is It Just Me?

Hit with a bunch of thoughts that I thought worth sharing

By Frankie Firme ~ Contributing Editor
Published on LatinoLA: October 3, 2008

Is It Just Me?

Just cruising home through heavy traffic on a hot day, almost on empty, one day after work, and I was hit with a bunch of thoughts that I thought worth sharing. Watcha:

Is it me‘«™or are more women turning to wearing Sarah Palin style glasses in hopes of getting that "nasty librarian" look that is becoming faux - cool?

Is it me‘«™or are more TV entertainment shows now all getting a "token" British personality? (I personally would rather see more Latinos without an accent)

Is it me‘«™or are people finally getting serious about exploring the issues surrounding the Presidential election?

Is it me‘«™.or is this national economic crisis finally pulling the covers off all the rich & greedy corporations & public bureaucracies so that we now see all the previously hidden rip offs that have been going on behind our backs for so many years that have contributed to our economic melt down?

Is it me‘«™or did the United States Senate and Nancy Pelosi finally grow a pair, stand up for the voters, and make it clear to the multi-billionaire corporate executives that like any other business in the United States, they're either going have to dip into their own bank accounts to save their businesses, file chapter 11, or simply go out of business?!

..I really enjoyed THAT one!

Is it me‘«™or is Wall Street finally feeling what Main Street and the Boulevards are feeling ?

Is it me‘«™or is the Los Angeles Unified School District getting ready to implode after becoming so top heavy in administrators while cutting back on teachers & programs?

Is it me‘«™or are more rich foreign businesses eating up & buying more American businesses and real estate while the American working poor & middle class are powerless to compete?

Is it me‘«™or does the U.S. Immigration service just go after Mexican and other Latino immigrants simply because they don't have the money or business connections to buy their way into the Country?

Is it me‘«™or has college education been put aside only for the well-to-do?

Is it me‘«™or do some people still believe that this U.S. depression feels better if we call it a recession?

Is it me‘«™or are local Governments becoming the next gangsters specializing in extortion, as they charge outrageous fees and expect steep percentages as they rent out public locations for charity events, or make it almost impossible to get a small business license unless you kick some politician down some green folding paper...and WHERE does the money go?
(Just TRY to book something at Richie Valens Park in Pacoima!)

Is it me‘«™or is the tongue in cheek concept of "la mordida" alive and well in L.A., while the rest of us just get taxed? must be me...sometimes I wonder where everybody went when these things first started happening.

‘«™just a few thoughts I've collected as I cruise through barber shops, burger stands, coffee houses, family gatherings, and the crowds at my grandson's football games and talk with the Gente about the World today...

...good people will always talk to good people...just listen...

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