Blood Appears

Argentine film part of this year's AFI Film Festival, October 30 through November 9

Published on LatinoLA: October 22, 2008

Blood Appears

Come checkout the great movies at the AFI Film Festival starts on October 30th. They have an incredible list of great Argentina Films you might never get to see anywhere else. Go to www.Afi.com for more information.

Here is a sampling of the movies this year

Showcase on Argentina
(Argentina, 2008, 100 mins)
In Spanish with English subtitles
North American Premiere
Screenwriter(s) : Pablo Fendrik
Directed By: Pablo Fendrik

Cast: Arturo Goetz, Nahuel Perez Biscayart, Guadalupe Docampo, Stella Galazzi, Ailin Salas, Guillermo Arengo
Producer: Juan Pablo Gugliotta, Claire Lajoumard, Ole Landsjoassen
Executive Producer: Juan Pablo Gugliotta, Claire Lajoumard, Ole Landsjoassen
Director of Photography: Julian Apezteguia
Editor: Leandro Aste
Music: Juan Ignacio Bouscayrol

Argentine Pablo Fendrik broke into the independent film world with last year's THE MUGGER, a favorite at both AFI FEST 2007 and Cannes' Critics' Week. He returns with this keenly observed account of one middle-class family's disintegration. The story follows the struggles of Arturo, a cab driver who has to find $2000 within 24 hours; his older son, Ramiro, who left home four years ago, has just phoned from Houston asking for urgent help. However, Arturo's wife Irene keeps their savings away from Arturo's reach. The same day, Leandro, their younger, drug-addicted son, tries to steal those savings, planning to make a profitable drug deal. Fueled by the extraordinary performances of Arturo Goetz (THE MUGGER) and the young Nahuel P?®rez Biscayart (GLUE, TATUADO), Fendrik has crafted a story full of deep concealed wounds and unspoken words. "The main inspiration to write the film comes from my own family," Fendrik has said. "More precisely, from the memories I have of my younger brother and my father. This is how I knew it was all about blood." Fendrik's intimate knowledge with the subject makes BLOOD APPEARS a powerful, at times painful reflection on family dynamics.

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