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By mia soto
Published on LatinoLA: October 27, 2008


Why is it that when we love we give all of us without second thoughts
without giving ourselves a chance to see what we're getting into We give
our love unconditional without thinking clearly ahead for what lies in
front of us. The obstacles, the hurt, the lies bottom line the
I wish God could give me a sign or make me stronger than people really
think I am. Because honestly I'm not strong at all. I'm weak. I have
lowered myself to the lowest of low. Where maybe some woman have gone
before all for a man who doesn't deserve what he has gotten and what he
has in front of him. It's embarrassing that at my age I'm still thinking
like I'm in school trying to hang out w/ a certain crowd. All I think
about is, I hope he knows that I'm doing this for him and only him. Not
second guessing himself either in thinking "will she or has she done
this for anyone else?" Bottom line is NO!!! To think that what I've
done, what I've put myself through and the things I've experienced only
to feel loved or liked a little more by someone who clearly doesn't know
the first thing about the word. What ever happened to dignity, loyalty,
honesty and compassion? I guess that went out the door when I started
the shit hole I'm in now... For it's my own destiny and I have NO one to
blame but myself for giving my heart to someone who has no heart....

This is the way I feel......

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