The Blind Leading the Blind

The cinema of caricature infused in LatinoLA

By Manuel Figueroa
Published on LatinoLA: January 23, 2003

The Blind Leading the Blind

As I take a look at this site for the first time I notice something that annoys me endlessly...the blind, thoughtless support of inferior filmmaking simply because it's Chicano, Mexican or as everybody likes to say: Latino.

Bad films are simply bad films and after seeing "Empire," quite possibly the worst waste of film stock in the history of the world, I realize a lot of you people really believe that watching another stereotypical piece of cinematic slop will help us "Latinos"

When you support these films, you're sending the young filmmakers with an original story to tell that actually comes from a real place and not a recycled genre picture straight down the toilet.

I am a filmmaker and know many other filmmakers in the Los Angeles cinema underground and for the most part their opinions about this subject don't stray far from mine.

Films like "Y tu mama tambien" and few others are good examples of films to throw your support behind. The success of a film of that caliber tells the people holding the production dollars that we are interested in seeing a film that takes risks and is actually relavent.

And that were tired of the same contrived Spanglish-infused Jacob Vargas-ful movies.

Say "No!" to Nava.

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