Top 10 Latino Reactions to the Election of Barack Obama

Astute observations by our resident loco

By Al Carlos Hernandez - Contributing Editor
Published on LatinoLA: November 5, 2008

Top 10 Latino Reactions to the Election of Barack Obama

10. ??Sabes qu?®? I didn't even know your Mama was running for office. Homes, you gonna throw a kegger?

9. Ironic: Most highly educated community organizers I know get laid off, not promoted.

8. If he is half black and half white from Hawaii, then socio-genetically he is Puerto Rican.

7. The good news for McCain is that his wife is a beer heiress.

6. Oh man, you need to stop driving Chuy's Impala. He's going to be back from the war any day now.

5. Never believed that in my lifetime we would have a President who got lined up and sported a fade.

4. ?íComo eres! There I go and vote for him and he can't even call to thank me. Como te cambiaste, sangr??n.

3. Dude, you are stupid. The Richie Valens oldies song is "Oh Donna", not "O Bama."

2. Never knew that this voting thing worked. Thought it was fixed like wrestling. Glad Bush knows how it feels to lose his jale and be unemployable.

1. I guess the Revolution was not televised after all. It was, blogged, emailed and text messaged.

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