What Makes Me Laugh

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By Los Amigos de LatinoLA
Published on LatinoLA: January 23, 2003

What Makes Me Laugh

Eileen Martinez writes:
?My favorite Latino comedians are George Lopez and Rudy Moreno. They really hit
home with all there comedic gestures and stories. I saw George Lopez at the
Ice House a long time ago and Rudy Moreno at the Taste Of Texas in Covina. I
laughed so much I know. They had us rolling off our seats.?

Alex Gonzales writes:
?My favorite comedy venue is Que Loco. I enjoyed watching them tape the show from the Ice House. I enjoy comedy and support Latino comedians.?

Catalina Olvera writes:
?My favorite comedian has got to be Robin WIlliams. I have seen the Comedy Channel and I haven't found anyone who can compare. He is awesome! And he is so versatile in his acting. A truly gifted individual. Especially his last HBO special where he ends with "Ladies, do we really look like this?..."

Leo Gonzalez writes:
?My favorite Latino comedian is Paul Rodriguez. This man is really funny. I got a chance to see him live at CSULA. I took my mom, my sister, my brother and we came out with our stomach hurting from laughing so hard. And my mom doesn't even understand English. It funny when one of our own makes fun of culture, but in a good humorous way. Not only is a funny man but also a decent actor.?

Javier G. Cardenas writes:
?My favorite comedy venue is the Ice House on Mentor Avenue in Pasadena, California. I have many great memories since I started going there in 1987 and have seen the people, comedians and themes change. It has a really good Latino presence and great place to take a date.?

Eduardo Arenas writes:
?The Ice House in Pasadena has to be my favorite comedy venue. If you are wearing hot fluorescent colors, a weave, or laugh funny, you better hide from the comedian because you will become part of the skit, and it ain't pretty.?

Manuel Ruiz writes:
?George Lopez?he has the style that reminds me of when I was growing up. He doesn't have to cuss to get you to laugh. He is easy to relate to, probably since I am Mexican-American, and understand his humor. His facial expressions are priceless at times, and give so much more to his comedy. He really needs to have a stand up comedy special for more people to enjoy.?

E. Tweey writes:
?My favorite comedian is George Lopez. I have always enjoyed watching him on
comedy nights but now I really love his new show. That show is hilarious because his mother reminds me of my grandma, only the tv mom is a little calmer.?

Isabel Chavez writes:
"I love Que Locos....they CRACK me up....I'm Mexican and I love any Latino
jokes....I can SOOOOOOO relate. The world needs more laughter....that's all I can say.?

Rafael Santana writes:
?By far the funniest comedian for me is Chrs Rock. When he starts getting into describing the intricacies of white people and revelaling who they really are, you can't help but laugh because all Latinos and Black folks know deep down what whtie people really are like...Chris Rock makes says it!?

Monique Sosa writes:
?My favorite comedian is Rudy Moreno. This is because back in the 80?s Rudy used to drive around the old neighborhood (Lincoln Heights) with his own version of a car phone. Of course is was just the receiver with the cord hanging, but he would drive and talk on it as if it were plugged in somewhere and as if everyone believed it. Of course I was around twelve at the time, so I did. Anyhow I still laugh about it now, and he is my favorite comedian.?

Alisha M. Rosas writes:
?I really love to laugh and have been to a few comedy clubs, including the
Ice House and the Improv in Ontario. I saw Jeff Garcia (from Que Locos) at the
Improv... he was great.?

Sheri Silverton writes:
?My favorite comedian is Jerry Seinfeld and my favorite comedy venue is the Comedy store in W. Hollywood.?

Carmen Escarcega writes:
?A few years ago I went to the Laugh Factory in Hollywood with friends. It turned out that Seinfeld wanted to try out some new stuff and gave a surprise, unscheduled performance. He was already big time by then. He was funny. Then the guy that was originally scheduled perform after him went on. One could tell that he was upset/apprehensive to go on after the funniest man in the country (at the time). Turns out, he was better than Seinfeld! I love that! His closing words were ?Seinfeld-Shmeinfeld.? Unfortunately, I haven?t seen him otherwise until last month when I went to the Ice House in Pasadena. He is still very funny. Just can?t remember his name??

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