but he said he cared

and he still put his hands on me

By mia soto
Published on LatinoLA: November 20, 2008

but he said he cared

He said he cared
He said I'm not using you
He told me he wouldn't do it again
He told me he said what he did
because he was angry and wanted to hurt me
he said, he didn't remember putting his
hands on me.....
I told him i loved him
I told him I would die for him
I told him I would walk to the end of the earth for him
and walk through fire
those words i do remember
how could a man that says he cares sooo much
that said, i can never compare you to anyone else
tell you that no one has ever compared to me
that he holds me on a pedestal
tell me beautiful words only
to hurt me verbally and physically
emotional torment
and here i am trying to get him a job
telling his family that he's trying
all lies.....
he used and abused me
how sad i've become someone like me
who had dignity, self respect, and felt worthy of
what i have accomplished only to be thrown out the door
for someone who clearly just used and abused my heart n' soul....
i use to love him w/ my soul
and no matter what i tell myself i can't get his smile
out of my head... for i'm that stupid that i would take
his call if he called me now.....
would see him if he asked....
see when you love so deep the way i have
you lose yourself
that's what happened to me.....
i'm an idiot for believing in his words
an idiot for thinking he loved me
he hasn't even called to say he's sorry.....
someone please tell me that the pain will go away
that i will regain my dignity
my self respect
my true self...

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