i've been down this road before

one too many times......

By mia soto
Published on LatinoLA: November 26, 2008

i've been down this road before

Been down this road and after I poured my heart onto this page
he called only to tell me he's sorry
he didn't know what came over him
said he cared a lot
that i hold a very special place in his heart.
like a dummy, i believe him when he tells me he's sorry
it's no one's fault but mine
the choices i make, the path that i am walking....
don't blame anyone but me if i end up in a body bag,
why is it that when you have someone that is willing to give you
all they have you don't want from that person
wasting my time
do i believe what i see? i don't know anymore
everyday i'm stealing time
he takes all of me without giving anything in return...
do you believe what i feel?
do you believe what i see?
i am wasting my time but can't make the step forward....
i've been down this road before
i should know the ending by now...
but i still have hope that one day he will see what that someone else
see's in my... and maybe than i'll have the strength to walk away....
the courage to step to the side and say...
i do believe in me
i wasted my time
now i can see what i feel.......
i wish it would be different...
all i wanted was to be the one you came home to
the one that you would call to say i love you

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