Top Ten Messages on Bill Richardson's Voice Mail

His mailbox is filling up fast

By Al Carlos Hernandez - Contributing Editor
Published on LatinoLA: December 3, 2008

Top Ten Messages on Bill Richardson's Voice Mail

10. "Obama here. Man, I didn't want you in the Cabinet. I wanted you to make me a cabinet."

9. "Billy, it's Hillary. He gave me the job you wanted. So now you can be the Secretary of 'Bite Me'."

8. "Villaraigosa from LA. Carnal, I heard they're hiring for your old job. I want to a Governor, but not of California. It's too hard. Hook me up, homie."

7. "This is the first Hispanic Secretary of Commerce, Carlos M. Gutierrez. Wanted to wish you a hearty congratulations and a sincere 'La Tuya'. Why you got to bite on my job? Hater!"

6. "This is LatinoLA. Why do you have a name like Richardson and a face like Benito Juarez?"

5. "This is Gutierrez again. Remember, I was the CEO of Kellogg's. I'm going back and making sure you or your Democratic cohort, will never get a salad bowl full of Corn Flakes again."

4. "This is C Los from the West Side OG Car Club. Can you make sure they still be making Chevys? Esas ranflas son de aquellas, pero, you probably already knew that, judging by your haircut."

3. "This is Alma from the Chicana Alliance for Ethnic Righteousness. Is it true you are married to a Gringa?"

2. "Bill, Obama again. Listen, I'm going to have to give you the job. Story already leaked out. I'm going to text everybody and call you the new Chicano of Commerce. Get me a Chihuahua for my kids, will ya?"

1. "This is the White House. We wanted to thank you for all the good work you did as President of the
nation of New Mexico."

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