The Tarin Family of La Mirada

A Hispanic success story

By Ruben Tarin
Published on LatinoLA: December 4, 2008

The Tarin Family of La Mirada

I was born in New Mexico but my parents migrated to California when I was about one year old. We settled in the San Joaquin city of Bakersfield where my dad found a job as a railroad worker. That job didn't last and he soon found work as a farm worker. My brothers and I all worked in the fields picking whatever farm product was in season.

I soon found out that working as a farm labor was not for me and decided to stay in school. I went to Bakersfield Community College and graduated with an AA degree in Business. That was in 1965 and soon after graduating, Uncle Sam called me to military service but I decided that I would serve but on my terms. I joined the Air Force and served in Texas for two years then Viet Nam for one year.

After my discharge, I went back to school and earned a degree from California State University Long Beach in Construction Engineering Management. I have been working in Engineering management for 35 years, first in petrochemical construction engineering where I help build the Alaskan oil pipeline, then when that dried-up I went to work in the Aerospace industry.

I got married in 1971 and and had two daughters. My wife and I help raise two very accomplished ladies who are a credit to my family and to the Hispanic community. They both graduated from every school they went to with high honors. My youngest got her Bachelors degree from Cal State U Fullerton plus a Masters degree and is presently a Health and Fitness specialist with Orange Coast College. My oldest daughter also received a Bachelors degree from Cal State U Fullerton in Biology. She was then accepted to the UC Berkeley's school of Optometry where she received a Doctor of Optometry in 2007. She has now passed all of her Optometry board exams and has received her license to practice.

That is my story of a successful Hispanic family who would be a positive in any community. We are just an example of what we can do if we decide that we can achieve the American dream.

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About Ruben Tarin:
I am a Mexican American who was born in La Union New Mexico. My father was a farm laborer born in Mexico and my mother was a homemaker born in New Mexico. I was raised in Bakersfield California in a family of 6 children.

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