From U.S Navy to La Nena

Navy says it will stop bombing Vieques

By Phil Goldvarg
Published on LatinoLA: January 27, 2003

From U.S Navy to La Nena

SAN JUAN, Puerto Rico (AP) - The U.S. Navy announced it will resume bombing exercises on Vieques Island next month, drawing new criticism from the U.S. territory's governor.

The Navy sent a letter Monday notifying Puerto Rican officials that troops would hold air and land exercises around Vieques as soon as 3/02. The letter said the exercises would last about 23 days.

From U.S. Navy To La Nena
Just Wanted You To Know

we got our sites on you,
our bombs on you,
our killer instinct on you,

getting ready for war,
we start with you,
call it practice,

we kill a little earth,
a little water,
plant cancer seeds.

call it gardening,
for total security,
from masked terror,

we'll care for La Nena,
buy her a new dress
for her scorched skin,

you know we got plastic surgery,
can change the face of anything,
we change Vieques as a warning to the world,

we are so powerful,
there's no stopping us,
do you really think we'll stop in May,

hey Nena,
you're the perfect women
to rape without reprisal,

we're the armed forces,
we force you
against your will,

do you really think
we will stop,
close your eyes and take it,

we don't give respect,
we take it,
we take you,

cry for your abuelita,
we take her too,
Vieques is ours,
o you really think
we will stop bombing
in May.

In Protest to the U. S. Navy
In Solidarity con Vieques

Phil Goldvarg 8/20/02

About Phil Goldvarg:
Phil Goldvarg is a poet & artist in Sacramento, CA.

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