When Your Down

Kickn' me when I can't get up

By mia soto
Published on LatinoLA: December 10, 2008

When Your Down

this is my sanctuary
this is where I come and lay my words
this is where i find peace of mind if only for a few minutes....
tick tock tick tock....
well this is the end of the road
i left my home, a husband and walked away from friends
to believe in someones "word" is the only thing a man or a woman
really own
something that cannot be taken away from anyone only oneself
to think that i believed you that night when it was cold and i was tired
stressed out with a dollar to my name...
to hear you say what i've been praying to hear for the past two years
for you to finally realize and open your eyes that love like mine won't come
around again.. this is once in a lifetime. where you will one day
share in a conversation and say - i had a woman that would have died for me
but i was scared and didn't know how to keep her
so instead i kicked her down when she left everything for me.....
that's my story......
I believed him that cold sunday night as he said, everything happens for a reason
if you pick up the phone i will know that you have decided to stay married
and if you don't answer than i will be here for you and it's you and me
no matter what. i won't let anything happen to you and i will take care of you....
how stupid was i to believe in those words... i know because it's what i've been praying for
i said to myself it's finally happening, all my hard work, my devotion and time have finally come to the point where him and i will be happy. because we were meant to be.
to leave what i know and to walk away from everything only for the next day
to be kicked to the ground, and told "you're on your own" Wow - talk about getting shitted on!
to cry numerous times for someone that you gave up everything. to be broke with a buck in your pocket but not caring cus you got love on your side... well now i know when they say,
love don't pay the bills......
in my case, i ended up w/ nothing...
a buck in my pocket
no love
no husband and no where to stay.....
Kick me when I'm down and piss all over me time and time again..
can someone just shoot me and take me out of my misery!
this is my sanctuary this is my house this is where i lay my words........

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