The Aztlan Renaissance Movement

The Devil and His Forty-Four takes readers into the world of a southern California crime syndicate

By Joaquin Josue Jimenez
Published on LatinoLA: December 15, 2008

The Aztlan Renaissance Movement

PublishAmerica is proud to publish and distribute The Devil and His Forty-Four by Oxnard, California's Joaquin Josue Jimenez.

The Devil and His Forty-Four invites readers into the world of the Patron family, a southern California crime syndicate headed by the triad that Don Joseph Patron creates with his two sons John and Robert. Involved in various aspects of legitimate business, Don Patron has grown to represent a powerful symbol of order and control through patience, the skill he attained as a result of growing numb by the harsh or volatile nature of the environments in which he constantly finds himself surrounded by growing up. His powerful influence has secured him the friendships of many successful businessmen, several politicians and officials as well as an introduction to the underworld of black market trade and politics noir.

Yet, the Patrons have always kept separate interests from the rest involved in such markets. At a young age, Joseph realized that he was a businessman and good at it. His leadership and charisma got him and his crew of lifelong-to-be buddies through the Viet Nam War and helped reintroduce themselves to the anti-war society as stand-up Americans ready for the challenge of forming a better tomorrow. Their successful network of business and public duty has gained for the Patron organization a sense of triumph and control.

The family's success and notoriety, however, has now come to place Don Patron in an unimaginable and more so unwarranted situation. But does he truly have the power to pull off the unimaginable?

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