The Virgin Mary Visits Brooklyn Avenue

How the power of myth accommodates the faithful

By Slowjoe
Published on LatinoLA: December 16, 2008

The Virgin Mary Visits Brooklyn Avenue

The early morning sparkled with lovely rays of sun
Reflecting oil and trash, some that had just been flung
One by one they came to see the vision that ensued
When the Virgin Mary appeared on Brooklyn Avenue

No one knew if people would came around
Only that the little street was busy and rundown
They came in cars, buses, or walked to see the home
Where the aberration had formed upon a big round stone

The stone belonged to Grandma Alice, an older resident
Who went to church everyday and prayed for atonement
But on her way, that day, she happened to turn right
The Virgin Mary smiling on a stone, just out of sight

Thought that it had been a trick, maybe kids smoking pot
But it seemed to call to her, this stone in a vacant lot
She had to see if it was real, her heart beat very fast
She thought that maybe the vision she saw wouldn't last

So she climbed the fence in an awkward kind of way
Examined it next to a old worn tire on that faithful day
The closer she got, the more it wasn't the Virgin because
It was formed from ketchup, relish, mustard and a lot of hot sauce

Although disappointed she thought the stone was neat
So she rolled it to her house, which was just down the street
Set it in the yard by the flowers that bloomed in May
Under a window by the old bedroom is where it would stay

She added a few more flowers to make it look at home
Watered all around the walk where it settled all alone
But something started happening when she called her friends
They were all very curious to see what might have been

So word got around in town about the Virgin Mary
It excited those who looked for something extraordinary
They came with prayers in tow in hopes of a miracle
To save themselves or loved ones who's health was critical

Alice tried to accommodate the faithful and their zeal
After all it seemed the call for some was actually real
Although she knew perhaps a few might even see the Virgin
She wasn't really ready for the huge insurgence

Father Joe came round, with a frown and a sigh
Had to see for himself, if this Virgin would qualify
Made his way through taco trucks stretched out on the street
And vendors of churros, nieves, and other tasty treats

He cut through lines of faithful that started round the block
Poor ones, old ones, drunk ones, a devoted mighty flock
As he looked, to his surprise and in the distance he could see
The face of Mary the Virgin on a rock clear as can be

But as Father Joe came closer and knelt by it to see
He noticed it was a ketchup, relish and hot sauce fantasy
He walked away, from that day, unsure of what to do
He knew that if not careful this thing could misconstrue

So he'd left it to the Blessed Virgin to decide
What was true and important for this town to recognize
For Father Joe and most of us know the power of prayer
And the people that believed in Her saw the Virgin there

What could it hurt to let this thing alone to run its course?
To let those who believe have their day with no remorse
A little crowd that makes its way down Brooklyn Avenue
To pray along, sing and adulate this miracle that ensued

But alas, the Virgin knows some things aren't meant to be
In this case, Alice's stone would be a terrible casualty
That night after all had left, the clouds opened up with rain
The Virgin rock, showered upon was washed of all its stain

Next day as the faithful, came saying their humble prayers
They saw what had happened and sadness was everywhere
But as people walked closer they smiled and reminisced
For the Blessed Virgin Mary left the rock, but also left "a kiss"

For when they came to see her face instead they saw a stone,
But on the ground had the colors found a place all their own?
They had formed a pair of lips that seemed to smile and say

"Remember, I'll always be close, no matter what comes your way "

About Slowjoe:
Just another car dude from South San Gabriel
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