being sad


By mia soto
Published on LatinoLA: December 19, 2008

being sad

To think that' I've been
miserable, alone and depressed when in reality
I should be happy.
I write to clear my thoughts of being sad & miserable
I should be writing about the great things
Trying to change my life, my way of thinking
I alone love you
I adore you
I'm alone and helpless with all
the thoughts and sadness in my heart.
Not being able to talk or see you
I wanna die but don't have the courage to take my life.
Why? Why do I feel so alone? The feelings and emotions and expressions
The thoughts and feelings in my heart
I miss you so much
Mom - why is all this happening?
I miss you.....
Make me strong again
for I know that life is worth living
Make me not think of taking my own life
for a man that is scared to
see and understand what great love
is really all about.....

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