Tech's Way to Bring Family Together

Findings reveal Latinos concerned about entertaining their families at home over the holidays

Published on LatinoLA: December 19, 2008

Tech's Way to Bring Family Together

The weak economy is affecting how many people will celebrate the holidays. To better understand the current shopping attitudes of Latinos in the U.S., Xbox 360 collaborated with Ipsos1 to produce the Xbox 360 Hispanic Holiday Entertainment Survey. The findings reveal Latinos in the U.S. are more concerned than the general population about entertaining their families at home over the holidays and other insights.

Some of the key findings include:
‘«ů More Hispanics want a gift that brings their family together (89% vs. 64% of general population)
‘«ů More Hispanics are looking for gifts that people can enjoy throughout the year (95% vs. 85% of general population)
‘«ů More Hispanics are looking for affordable ways to entertain their family over the holidays (85% vs. 81% of general population)
‘«ů Many more Hispanics would rather buy one gift for their whole family than spend money on lots of individual gifts (83 % vs. 52% of general population)

When it comes to family, nine in 10 Hispanics (89%) agree they want to find a gift that brings everyone together at home this year. Parents of children under 18 at home are more likely to agree than those adults without children (93% vs. 82%).

In these tough economic times, an overwhelming 95% of Hispanics 18 years of age and older say they would like to give gifts that 'keep on giving'‘«™ meaning they are enjoyed throughout the year‘«™ regardless of their gender, income, length of residency in the U.S. or language of preference.

More than seven in 10 Hispanics surveyed (72%) agree that it is difficult to keep everyone in the family entertained over the holidays and are concerned about people getting bored. Those with children under 18 are even more likely to agree.

One in two Hispanic adults (49%) says they will probably play video games with family or friends over the holidays.

Playing video games is the most popular way for 18‘«Ű49 year olds to have fun over the holidays after watching television and movies, and 86 percent of young adults ‘«Ű nearly nine in 10 ‘«Ű are looking forward to receiving at least one video game this holiday season.2

A recent Microsoft and Harris Interactive Inc. study also found that 64 percent of parents would spend more time playing a video game if it was something that the entire family could do together.

This holiday, families can get together and play games such as the new singing game "Lips" and the movie games "You're in the Movies" and "Scene It? Box Office Smash". "Lips" is available in two versions: an all-English song version featuring 40 hits that include songs by Duran Duran, Maroon 5, Rihanna and Queen, and "Lips en Espa??ol" featuring 17 songs in Spanish by artists such as Alejandro Sanz, Belanova, Fanny Lu, La Factoria, Luis Miguel, Pimpinela and Selena.

From music to movies to TV shows to games, Xbox 360 is much more than the typical holiday present — and it is more affordable than ever with an estimated retail price (ERP) starting at only $199.99.3

The Xbox 360 Arcade Holiday Console comes with six free games, including "Sega Superstars Tennis" and five Xbox LIVE Arcade titles. The Xbox 360 console ($299.99 ERP) and the Xbox 360 Elite Holiday Console ($399.99 ERP) pair the consoles with smash hits at no additional cost.

With more than 200 games rated E (for everyone) and T (for teens) and the ability to watch 12,000 Netflix movies, TV shows and more,4 Xbox 360 offers something for everyone. After the holidays are over, Xbox 360 is one gift that won't collect dust.

A new section on the website Xbox.com, http://www.xbox.com/value, pulls together all the latest information about how to get the best return for your holiday dollars.

Hard drive recommended for Xbox LIVE, and is required for some features. LIVE Gold membership and/or other fees may apply. See xbox.com/live.

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