Suzie Lopez Reviewed

When police powers act indiscriminately they kill the Suzies of this world

By Dr. Rudolfo Acu??a
Published on LatinoLA: January 7, 2009

Suzie Lopez Reviewed

In 2005, I wrote several articles on the Death of Suzie Pe??a (aka Suzie Lopez).

An LAPD Swat team shot more than 60 bullets into Jose Raul Pena's used car lot shack. High on cocaine he held his 19 month old child. He had traded fire with police who, with the child in full view responded, opened fire, killing father and daughter.

In response to the article I received over a hundred emails calling me irresponsible and accusing me of protecting criminals. Most were from Chicano and Latino law enforcement officers who got pretty nasty.

Unfortunately because of the limited space that I have in my email account I was not able to preserve these emails. Nor was I able to save the various versions of the article.

At the time I was contributing to various news services who pulled away and refused to publish me.

I was dismayed that elected officials and Chicanos did not make a fuss over the incident and publicly said that the reaction might have been different if Suzie was a Mexican instead of Salvadoran. Truth be told, the community is often too divided.

So here we are four years later and another Suzie case is daily in the making and police and military authorities are not accountable. When police powers act indiscriminately they kill the
Suzies of this world.

From the L.A. Times, published 1.7.09: LAPD tried to reverse a coroner's verdict in girl's death

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