Doesn't Love Her Anymore

Paradox of Love

By Tia Maria from Maravilla
Published on LatinoLA: January 8, 2009

Doesn't Love Her Anymore

Santa Barbara, California

I'm basking in the sun
The train is running late
Coming in from Guadalupe
Just had lunch with a friend
Talking bout his future
Says he doesn't love her anymore

It's starting to cool down
Sunset in horizon
Homeless squander around
Looking for some shelter
Conductor stares at his watch
Cause he doesn't love her anymore

Near the hustle n bustle of the 101
Train station next to huge oak tree
It's colder in the train station than outside
Says he has to leave town
Got to get his life together
Doesn't want to love her anymore

They met at an IV bar
Two lives from separate worlds
Fell in love
Had ups and downs
Two young boys
Who want to love them more and more

Train is a coming round the bend
People rush to climb on board
Scramble quick to find a seat
Wave to say goodbye
Be careful, taking care of yourself
Got two sons who love you so much
But she doesn't love you anymore

Train is heading South now
Next stop is LA
Conductor stops to collect his fare
He sadly waves good bye
Wonders what could have been
Cause he wants to love her just once more

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