Top 10 Seen and Heard at the Latino Inaugural Gala

They let US in?

By Al Carlos Hernandez - Contributing Editor
Published on LatinoLA: January 20, 2009

Top 10 Seen and Heard at the Latino Inaugural Gala

10. Badges?... We don't need no... stinkin' press badges!

9. Forget 200 bucks a plate. I have tamales hidden in the guitar??n.

8. G-Lo, this is J-Lo and her husband Fla-co.

7. Edward James Olmos keeps making David Archuleta cry.

6. Awkward moment when Tony Plana accidentally referred to President Obama as El Guapo.

5. J-Lo: "Washington has never has such a rock star at the helm." LULAC members have to look up "helm".

4. Sharkira said Obama has her music on his iPod. Bill has a picture of Shakira in his wallet.

3. Wilmer Valderrama almost tried to "Yo Mama" Rosie Perez, but security kept him from a beat down.

2. Tempers flared when NCLR officials were asked to vacuum the red carpet.

1. Every time someone mentioned CHCI* they'd get slapped by a mamasota.

* Congressional Hispanic Caucus Institute

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