Uniting Races Through Laughter

Hot Tamales Live taping at the El Rey theater for Showtime special a magical success

By Kiki Melendez
Published on LatinoLA: January 23, 2009

Uniting Races Through Laughter

Dear Friends of Hot Tamales Live!

Congratulations America, today is the beginning of a new season of HOPE for our country...

Our show which brings a message of "Uniting Races Through Laughter" is coming to the airwaves in what seems to be God's perfect timing!!

We are so grateful for your interest in our show. Everyone has been emailing us asking how the show went so I wanted to send a quick overview!!

Our Showtime Taping on Sunday January 18th at the El Rey Theater was SOLD OUT!!!

We had beautiful audience which included many celebrities like Jimmy Smits, Wanda De Jesus, Dorian Gregory, Shondrella (Napoleon Dynamite, The Secret Lives of Bees etc), Amaury Nolasco, (Prison Break, Transformers and more), Jennifer Morrison (House) Dr Brian and Susan Evans (Dr 90210) and many many more..

Maria Conchita Alonso, who did not think she would be able to attend, she had a prior commitment ....but she made a great effort to be there for the opening of the show.... that meant the world to us!!!

We are so grateful to you because we admire your work and having you there inspired the cast!!!

The cast did a steller performance: Amy Anderson, Nadine Rajabi, Jill Michele Melean, Kira Soltanovich, The Ambassador of Looooove VALENTINO, Thea Vidal and ince we have a free trade agreement with Canada...Nikki Payne!!!! LOL

The show was PURE MAGIC!!!

The hard work of all involved: Executive Producers Scott Montoya, Neil Marshall
supplied great sets and amazing lighting as well as a totally professional production.

Executive Producer David Albert Pierce was at hand making sure all was good to go!!

Thanks to amazing friends like: LatinoLA.com, Birgit Muller, Karen Allman, Genea Sobel PR, Charlie Lapson, Danny Oliva, Dave Cobert, Mark/Carmen Steffens, Bonnie Rodezno, and Maria Bravo for going the extra mile to fully support our show!!!!!!

Also to EVERY SINGLE one of you who attended our live taping...We are forever GRATEFUL!

The Future....We are shooting until beginning of APRIL (behind the scenes on each performer and some hilariuos sketches) Once we deliver a final cut to SHOWTIME we will be given an AIRDATE!!!!!

As soon as we have a confirmed air date we will have a PREMIERE party (hoping for mid-April for the party) for all our fans, supporters, celebrities, press, family and friends so that you can view the finished 90 minute Hot Tamales Live Special and spread the word!!!

We had an amazing response from the live audience I have included a few please read below:

Wow!!! Thank you thank you thank you!!! That was awesome. Every comic was great! We had an amazing time!! Xoxo AMAURY NOLASCO

Dear Kiki
Just wanted to say your show was the greatest comedy show I have ever seen!
It was original, it was perfection and I was in tears laughing!!
Thanks so much, can't wait to see it on Showtime!!
Ricardo Robert

kiki, YOU KICKED ASS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! you did a fantastic job on sunday, kiki. you looked so beautiful in your teal sweater and all of your talent, AND YOU, were right on target and very tight! you brought your cream of the crop and all of you were truly worthy of the Showtime Special. let us know when it airs! love, Monica McFarland

Dear Kiki
Everyone was great, everyone looked beautiful, do you realize you have a huge hit in your hands!!!
Congratulations, God bless you for what you are doing. It is exactly what America needs!!!!
Karla Williams

hi kiki,
just wanted to say congrats!!! the show soooo rocked!!!! and so do you!!!! your energy and love for what you do is awesome and it shows!
thank you for everything you do for women in comedy and for humanity. laughter unites and heals!
love ya!!

We truly appreciate your prayers and good wishes.

Kiki Melendez
Executive Producer

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