Solis Should Be Confirmed

Hilda Solis should be confirmed as soon as possible so that Obama's labor policies can be implemented

By A La Opinion Editorial
Published on LatinoLA: January 28, 2009

Solis Should Be Confirmed


Same story - first fired, last hired. Senate Republicans still hold up Hilda Solis' nomination. We need to tell the Senate, especially Republicans, to follow the mandate for change and that means Latina power!!!

Rosalio Mu??oz

"Solis should be confirmed" - An editorial from La Opini??n

The Republican attempt to block the confirmation of former Los Angeles Congresswoman Hilda Solis as Labor Secretary is a challenge to the new President's efforts to refocus the agency so that it can fulfill its original purpose.

The Department of Labor was established in 1913 with the mandate to "foster, promote, and develop the welfare of the wage earners of the United States, to improve their working conditions and to advance their opportunities for profitable employment." These principles were replaced during the last Administration with an opposing direction supporting business to the detriment of labor.

Solis is the right person to return the agency to its original purposes, but GOP resistance has stalled her nomination. Those who oppose her confirmation disagree with Solis's support of a bill that facilitates union organizing and they are against the overturning of a Supreme Court ruling on pay discrimination. It should be noted that the Senate has just passed a bill on this latter issue.
It isn't surprising that a Republican minority wants to maintain policies of the Bush Administration but the political scene has changed dramatically with the election and so too, the priorities of the federal government.

President Obama is within his right to nominate his cabinet and the Senate to confirm them. In this case, opposition to Solis is entirely political as there are no conflict of interests, unpaid taxes or other personal circumstances that should put in doubt her ability to execute the public role for which she was nominated.

Hilda Solis should be confirmed as soon as possible so that Obama's labor policies can be implemented. After all, a majority of voters elected him to be their president and support his agenda.

About A La Opinion Editorial:
Submitted by Rosalio Munoz, who does not write editorials for La Opinion. His Spanish is too pocho. So is his English.
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