Top 10 Issues With the USA-Mexico Border Fence

Good fences make good neighbors, don't they?!?

By Al Carlos Hernandez, Contributing editor
Published on LatinoLA: January 28, 2009

Top 10 Issues With the USA-Mexico Border Fence

10. Mexico has stepped up its efforts to field a world class pole vaulting team.

9. There is still a 69 mile gap, and the Mexicans who built it know where it is.

8. The fence is on the wrong border.

7. The fence was designed to stop illegals from immediately blending into local town populations. Therefore, they now have to arrest everyone with flat feet and sprained ankles.

6. The fence cost $2.7 billion. It would have been cheaper to give folks a few hundred bucks not to come north.

5. In tests, the virtual fence technology has only apprehended avatars and Homer Simpson.

4. Obama voted for the fence while he was a senator, hoping much of it could be used for half court pickup basketball games.

3. Every time someone mentions a "Mexican Fence" a cousin's name comes up.

2. To lower energy costs, Mexicanos are using it to hang-dry their laundry.

1. Politicians on both side are still straddling it.

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