Love Without Borders

An excerpt from new novel by same name

By Vincent D. Perez
Published on LatinoLA: January 31, 2009

Love Without Borders

Excerpt from new novel, "Love Without Borders".

After breakfast they playfully fell back in bed and teased about each other's misadventures. "You almost killed me on those rapids, Ida Mae."

"Well I thought you were a real Mexican Macho Man."

"Only at certain times, otherwise I'm very vulnerable, fragile and sensitive."

"Bullshit, you're just a conceited, arrogant young Don Juan who is cooling his heels until something better comes along. Even though I'm a few years older than you, I interest you because I have blue eyes, blond hair and have even more bedroom experience than you"

"Ida Mae, You forgot one thing--I'm also with you because I want to learn English!"

"Yeah, and I'm with you because I want to learn Spanish! Actually, I really don't know why I'm with you...I guess it's your gentleness and...I can't deny that your brown skin and good looks have something to do with it."

"Again, you forgot something that I think is the most important thing to you."

What's that?"

"Mi fuerza!" (My stamina)

With this, she flung herself on top of him as if to smother him and softly whispered in is ear, "Damn it Juan, I love you...so be good to me."

"And if I'm not?"

"Love Without Borders" may be obtained at Amazon.com, Barnes & Noble.com and iUniverse.com)

About Vincent D. Perez:
After many years of teaching at Garfield High School, Cerritos College and East Los Angeles College, Vincent D. Perez retired as Professor of Physiology from ELAC. A stay in Southern Mexico inspired this story.

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