Can't Wait To Get Home

Mustn't miss that train

By Tia Maria from Maravilla
Published on LatinoLA: February 2, 2009

Can't Wait To Get Home

They boarded on at Union Station
As they did every day
White collar, blue collar, no collar
Just another working day
It's getting close to 4 pm
Hurry up to get there
Mustn't miss that train
Can't wait to get home

Summer sun is glistening
The Link slowly pulls out of LA
Rails squeal and go clank, clank, clank
As the City is left behind
County jail to your right
Dogtown to your left
My town is a real town
Can't wait to get home

Some are talking on cell phones
While others click away
Still others try to get some sleep
While some just reflect on today
The Link is gaining speed now
Can't wait to get home

Stop and go
Go and stop
Glendale, Burbank, Van Nuys
More get on
While some get off
Can't wait to get home

Sun is going down now
The Link has stopped at Chatsworth
What happened next, no one knows
As fate took some lives away
Some say he ran a light
Others say he text way
Some just couldn't wait to get home

Howling souls can be heard
As the Link pulls away
They want to get off this train now
They just want to get on home

About Tia Maria from Maravilla:
Not an angry writer from ELA
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