Power Concedes Nothing Without Demand! Confirm Hilda!!!

The Department of Labor can and should be the most important cabinet position and Hilda is a person who can make it so

By Chalio Munoz
Published on LatinoLA: February 6, 2009

Power Concedes Nothing Without Demand! Confirm Hilda!!!

Hilda Solis' nomination for Secretary of Labor has been stalled again. We'll be starting the second month Monday.

Progress takes struggle. Having a progressive working class Latina head the U.S. Department of Labor is real progress and USA/GLOBAL INC. knows it. Having a representative of the lowest paid segment of society working to improve labors standard of living in this key position is too good to be easy.

It would take a struggle to get Barbara Lee in that position, and yes Norma Rae too! Her husband owns a $100,000 auto repair shop and is struggling to pay thousands in taxes. Tha'ts Main Street, not Wall Street. I'm afraid to go to my mechanic because I can't afford it and Mauricio may be closed down.

The Department of Labor can and should be the most important cabinet position and Hilda is a person who can make it so. with our help. The message would go global.

People say the odds are she will be confirmed. I know history is on our side, but not without a struggle. Last week, I sent out a biographical sketch of Hilda in the hopes it would help her not be so invisible to the general public outside LA. You have to know where and how she was raised and that she still lives there, to know we have to fight for her as one of us. She knows the crisis of everyday living and chooses to struggle from that basis.

Am I preaching to the choir? I hope so! We have to sing, and yes, shout out our support for Hilda because we are doing it for ourselves. Right now two of my favorite politicians are building up to run to replace her. Fine, I understand, but she is not Secretary of Labor yet. We still need to crack right-wing blockage in the Senate to get a good stimulus package that can save our state and local schools and service, to get Hilda confirmed and pass the Employee Free Choice Act.

There are two growing Facebook groups with over 2,000 members each from all over the country. This has to grow in quantity and quality starting from our communities and people and outreaching to the key battlegrounds like we did in 2008. We have to do it in coalition while also raising the demands of the overall movement starting with the stimulus,

Hilda, labor, health, peace.

Let's let the Senate GOP know we are on to them and get our relatives, co-unionists, compas from their districts do it too!

When we do, I'll stop ranting about it!

About Chalio Munoz:
Chalio Munoz is administrator of Facebook group 1,000,000 Strong for Hilda Solis as Secretary of Labor. He is also known as Rosalio
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