The Road to Whatever

A little Chicana girl from the Valley finds her path

By Cara Rios
Published on LatinoLA: February 9, 2009

The Road to Whatever

Hello I am Cara Rios, I am the author of "The Road to Whatever; a pop-culture approach to Buddhism" and I would like to invite any LatinoLA amigos interested in learning about Buddhism to read my new self-published book.

Well, if you are wondering, what do Buddha and a little Chicana girl from the San Fernando Valley have in common?.... Besides both of us being chubby, it seems that we have both stumbled on our personal paths to "Whatever."

I had been contemplating Buddhism for about two years, when I had one of those "AHUMMMM" moments then I started noticing that some of the Buddhist lesson that I was learning through my studies were very similar to other moral lessons I had seen or heard before.

But WHERE was the big question. Then it dawn on me that I had seen these in Chick Flicks. I wasn't exactly sure how they were linked but little by little they started revealing themselves to me.

It occurred to me that there's something illusive about the notion of "Whatever." Yes, the clich?®s: "Talk to the hand cause I don't want to hear it", the "eye rolling"; "chicken head" in motion of "Whatever" that Generation Y has made notoriously famous for blabbing out in self-defense, when indifferent; and/or when they're just going with the flow.

Yes I said "Whatever!!!"

As a student of Buddhism I am always looking to pass on a positive message, via my thoughts, my words and my action so I decided to write a book to share my new-found knowledge with anyone that is in search for their own personal path to spiritual enlightenment. The wonderful thing about Buddhism is that is universal and based in love and anyone open to it can take away some value self transforming lessons. Hence, the actualization of "The Road to Whatever; a pop-culture approach to Buddhism".

In the last few years I have traveled all over the world and have encountered a wide spectrum of cultures and religions. However, I feel fortunate enough to live here in the beautiful city of Los Angeles, CA, one of the most culturally diverse cities in the world, the heart and pulse of the world; where little Chicana girls from the Valley cross paths with Buddhas every day.

If we keep our hearts and our minds open to the universe there's no limit to what we can learn from each other.

I invite those seeking peace of mind and peace of heart to read my book "The Road to Whatever; a pop- culture approach to Buddhism", which is now available through

If you read this book with an open heart and an open mind I promise you will never see the world exactly the same way again.

About Cara Rios:
Cara is a long-time writer. In the "Road to Whatever", she looks at Buddhism from a pop-culture perspective and finds that "Whatever" is a magic word that is everything and nothing at all.
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