Todos Mis Amores

two heart that have finally met

By Maria Reyna
Published on LatinoLA: February 15, 2009

Todos Mis Amores

As I look back and think
Off all the people I've loved

Recodando mis amores
When I was young
I really didn't know
what love was
As I got older
I wanted to be loved
but was very insecure
and afraid of rejection
if I professed my love
I still wonder what if.
And now as
a mature woman
I can say I love you
without reservation or
I've shed a lot of tears
and have had to mend
and heal my heart
many of times.
I have loved completely
Like the fog hugs the mountain
Like flowers fragrant the air
Like music is to our ears
Like the ocean meets the land
Like a mother loves a child
Like a child loves its mother
I can say that I have loved many people
But no one like I love YOU...
Feeling complete,
Two hearts that beat as one
Two souls that have
found each other.

When we kiss
it's like tasting and eating
a delicious forbidden fruit
When we touch is like fire
I'm like a Pavlov dog
All I have to do is hear your voice
or look at you-and I can't wait
with anticipation ...of how you make
Me feel...how good you make me feel
Loving everything about you
how you look
taste , feel and smell
There is nothing like the penetration of the soul
A feeling that I would love to last forever!
To My Valentine. I will love you
till the end of time..

About Maria Reyna:
Maria Reyna: varied artist. painter, poet.
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