Top Ten Ways Your Cholo Boyfriend Ruined Valentine's Day

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By Al Carlos Hernandez, Contributing Editor
Published on LatinoLA: February 19, 2009

Top Ten Ways Your Cholo Boyfriend Ruined Valentine's Day

10. Homie had the munchies and ate your 10-pound heart shaped box of chocolate ... then denied it.

9. He used your Nair instead of a razor to shave his head. Now he looks like a radish.

8. He thought it was Ballantine's day. Drank three 40s.

7. He tried to write you a poem but couldn't find anything that rhymed with "crudo" except "menudo".

6. All the flowers came from a funeral parlor.

5. You asked him if Cupid shot him with an arrow. He said, "Nil, it was Cyclone and them."

4. Got a tattoo of your face on his arm, but the lips look like boxing gloves.

3. Took you out to a candlelight dinner, and then pulled a runner.

2. You knew he lied about getting his GED when the card read "Happy Birthday".

1. The ring he gave you looks like the one the lady at church "lost".

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