Top 10 Reasons It Took So Long for Hilda Solis to be Confirmed

All kidding aside ... congratulations Secretary Solis!

By Al Carlos Hernandez, Contributing editor
Published on LatinoLA: February 26, 2009

Top 10 Reasons It Took So Long for Hilda Solis to be Confirmed

10. Daniel Ortega from Nicaragua kept trying to send letters of recommendation.

9. The EOP claimed she had over due library books.

8. Tax liens on husband's business turned out to be cultural rather than political.

7. Republicans said she was pro-union. She said "?íSi Se Puede!"

6. Hillary was upset because Hilda is cuter and can rock a pants suit better.

5. Knew that a Latina with $53 Billion budget could stretch it into $106 Billion worth of value.

4. They figured since Latinos do most of the labor in this country, might as well get a 'mandona' to help fix this mess.

3. They surmised that her having 17,000 employees is not a big dea,l since now that she's is confirmed, at least 18,000 'nicoyas' will claim her as a first cousin.

2. The vote was 80 to 17, no doubt the 17 against were at least 80 (years old).

1 Her husband is named Sam Sayyad, and will probably get shook down at airports.

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