Canciones Tradicionales Infantiles

Georgette Baker documents, translates and records traditional songs from Spanish-Speaking countries

Published on LatinoLA: March 2, 2009

Canciones Tradicionales Infantiles

In an effort to preserve traditional children's songs from latin America, Georgette Baker began documenting, translating and recording songs from her childhood.

Now her collection CANTEMOS CHIQUITOS is available in libraries throughout the USA. Her favorites are "Periquito" and "Vengan a Ver Mi Granja" which she performs in schools throughout Southern California in her popular assembly "Latin American Adventure", a one woman show sharing the heritage she loves.

Georgette was born in Aruba and raised in Venezuela, where she lived 18 years. She speaks five languages, is a certified teacher and plays several musical instruments.

Georgette lived in Ecuador where she began performing on television and festivals throughout the country, traveling to remote places to sing and gather unusual artifacts. Georgette was an on camera field reported in South America in the early 80's for the international television show YOU ASKED FOR IT, going alligator hunting, watching witch doctors and filming memorable stories.

She is the author of five books and 9 CD/books of traditional music from Spanish speaking countries.

She is a professional storyteller/singer and has been featured on KCET's "Mr. Piggley's Playhouse" and "Los Ni??os en su Casa" and currently wrote for HAPBN radio as a freelance editor.

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