Mayor Villaraigosa's Reelection

Coverage on the Internet is showing a mixed reaction to the L.A. mayor's first term. What do you think?

Published on LatinoLA: March 2, 2009

Mayor Villaraigosa's Reelection

From: La Opinion's Electoral Endorsements

"Next Tuesday, Los Angeles voters will elect city and school officials, and will decide on proposals to amend the City Charter. These are our endorsements:

Mayor: Antonio Villaraigosa

Mayor Villaraigosa's administration has been positive. He has fulfilled his electoral promises to give priority to public safety, to take steps to improve our city's schools, and to make a greener Los Angeles."

From: LatinoPoliticsBlog, 3.1.09

"We have blogged a lot about Mayor Villaraigosa on this site, arguably one of the most high profile big city Latino mayors in the country, starting with his disappointing affair nearly two years ago, which has cast a cloud over his first term as alcalde de Los Angeles. Now that he is cruising toward a second term as mayor, people are wondering if he will deliver on some of his promises and stay in City Hall or attempt to make the jump to the governor's office.

As many have noted, there isn't a camera that Mayor Villaraigosa doesn't like. He's always photo-op ready with his big, pearly white, mega-watt smile and designer duds. Villaraigosa is one of the best dressed Latino politicos, but image isn't everything, especially when the economic forecast is gloomy and he cannot point to any big policy victories. The AP article that came out yesterday asked in its headline, "LA mayor: Heavy hitter or Hollywood hype?"

From: AP article: LA mayor: Heavy hitter or Hollywood hype?

" Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa doesn't apologize for ambition. Four years ago, the city's first Hispanic mayor in more than a century talked about remaking the city into a metropolis that would rival Renaissance-era Venice, Italy.

But in the city's own Venice -- Venice Beach -- residents say they would settle for more street parking and plugged potholes, limits on billboards and a helping hand for the droves of homeless who linger on their famous boardwalk.

Los Angeles, a 15th century Venice?

"I see the opposite," says Ira Koslow, 64, a Venice Neighborhood Council member who's lived with his wife in the seaside enclave for decades. The public school teacher sees an eroding quality of life: more noise, traffic and mess on the waterfront, even with a citywide increase in police officers.

"Everything has gone downhill," he says.

As the Democratic mayor heads toward an all but certain re-election to another four-year term Tuesday in the nation's second-largest city, he faces a question that has followed him through much of his tenure: Despite an abundance of youthful energy and a Hollywood smile, can he produce results from his broad agenda?"

From: LA Observed - Daily News: Alas, It's Antonio

"The Daily News grits its teeth and endorses Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa again this time, just as it did four years ago (saying then "Villaraigosa...represents the future.") This time, there's less enthusiasm behind the choice:

Not one of the nine challengers to Villaraigosa comes close to having the experience of that group four years ago - not to mention the necessary political or financial support to launch a serious challenge to Villaraigosa. Their belief - that one can be elected to manage the second largest city in America and its $7 billion budget on the basis of having a good idea or two - might work in the movies that L.A. produces, but not in its real civic life.... "

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