A poem called "YOU"

You the illumination of the nation

By Kristi Pallino
Published on LatinoLA: March 3, 2009

A poem called "YOU"


You the purchaser of my heart
You the impregnator of my expansion
You the rock earth that awoke my mission
You the prison that held me captive
You the fibber that lied to my soul
You the shadow of the eternal sun
You the auspicious singer to the Gods
You the giver of all things controlled
You the coward that shivers at the quick glimpse of love
You the birthed cherry blossom
You the hidden truth that all inhale
You the rare diamond of mans worth
You the liaison from darkness to light
You the strong, stomping your way through
You the food that reaches not the starving
You the torrent that eventually repairs the clay pot
You the keeper of solace
You the illumination of the nation
You the austere sloth
You the runner of hope
You the cynical optimist
You the version of what could be, if only
You the reader of moving mountains
You the Broken masterpiece
You with your chapped history
You accessories in conscious blindfold
You the colorless rainbow
You that breathes the life into my potential
You the advocate to a changing subject
You the autonomous ruler

You. Written By, Kristi Pallino 02-28-09

About Kristi Pallino:
Kristi Pallino is a life coach in the San Fernando Valley.
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