Time to Come Clean

So what if you're from the other side

By Tia Maria from Maravilla
Published on LatinoLA: March 5, 2009

Time to Come Clean

It's time to come clean
No more lying
No more stories
So what if you're from the other side
Got plenty of company

Put away your pride
Come out of that top drawer
It's okay to start all over

Wasn't your fault
Came at such a young age
Didn't make it legal when you had a chance
Can make it legal now
Come on now, you can come clean

Much easier to make up more stories
But now it's getting serious
Lying under oath can get you into trouble
Might even get deported
Asking other's to lie for you is even more serious
Time to come clean

Parent's traveled back and forth
Some born here
Some born over there
Then some born here again
Just happened that you were born over there

What are you ashamed of?
Making it much more difficult
Amnesty was offered 20 years ago
Should have done it back then
Come on now, you can come clean

Going back and forth to visit Tia Juana
Isn't what it use to be
Cali ID was all you needed
Now your must show "your letters of transit"
With out these letters, your will be staying over there

Time to come clean
Do it for your children
Do it for your family
Do it for yourself
Come on now, you can come clean

About Tia Maria from Maravilla:
Not another angry writer from ELA
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