Lalo Alcaraz Brings His Cartoons to Life

La Cucaracha creator takes his show on the road in a new media era, Calacas in Santa Ana, March 28

By Abelardo de la Pe??a Jr., El Editor
Published on LatinoLA: March 25, 2009

Lalo Alcaraz Brings His Cartoons to Life

An email interview with Lalo Alcaraz, who'll be at Calacas in Santa Ana on Saturday, March 28. Special guest, Gustavo Arellano.

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Q: What's going on at Calacas in Santa Ana on Saturday night?

A: If you miss my comic in the LA Weekly, (a victim of recent cutbacks in even "Alt Weeklies,"), you can see me speak and even act out some of my cartoons at Calacas. I will be using the magic of imagination AND Powerpoint!

I fear until newspapers figure out what to do with the internet, I will have to appear live on various stages and dance halls, presenting my take on the week's current events with my performance troupe of one.

Afterwards I will be selling and signing my snazzy new colorful posters, including my Viva Obama campaign poster and the old classic Migra Mouse.

Q: Gustavo Arellano is your special guest. What is he going to do?

A: My homie OC Weekly's own Gustavo Arellano, of "Ask A Mexican" fame, will probably speak about the glory of Orange County, and present a long and compelling history of Santa Ana, all smushed in about 30 seconds, since he speaks faster than any car TV commercial announcer.

We will also discuss how both our fathers are from Jerez, Zacatecas, making us probable 5th cousins, or quarter-brothers or something.

So basically, he's gonna introduce me.

Q: You're an observer of Latino pop and socio-political culture. What changes have you seen in the past 10 years and how have you depicted it through your work?

A: Pues, over the last TWENTY years, it sure has changed a lot. We have gone through cycles of militancy and complacency, and now we may be coming back into a more assertive period where younger Latinos, who are more accepting and open, really get into their Latino heritage and culture. It still gets assimilated into the mainstream, but now there's more of us artists and loudmouths to give our view. we don't have to accept what the lame mainstream tells us. We are going to make the mainstream.

Q: How has your art: cartooning, writing, performing, broadcasting, Internetting, forwarded this assertiveness among young Latinos?

A: Technology has improved exponentially since I first used to distribute my cartoons by xeroxing them and posting em, mailing em and even faxing them to expose my work to people everywhere. Now, my characters appear on cell phones and all kinds of digital devices and media, and of course, the old workhorse email spreads my work all over, resulting in some seriously wide effect. Don't get me wrong, my books have helped, too! Also, becoming established has eased my stuff into the universities, so even the under 21 set gets to see my stuff, even if they have never even touched a newspaper...

Q: Are you having fun?

A: It's fun making money to eat, so, YES, I'm having fun!

Q: And are your audiences at your shows having fun?

A: I have been amazed at the depth and width of my fan base... they are having rabid, boisterous fun, esp. at the Cartoon Cantina shows. Is that the liquor talkin?

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