News from the Brown Side of Town

Happenings in the Land of 1000 Dances,

By Frankie Firme ~ Contributing Editor
Published on LatinoLA: March 26, 2009

News from the Brown Side of Town

Springtime, April showers, and the income tax deadline is upon us, mi Gente‘«™.and I'm told the state has begun mailing checks again! ORALE!!

‘«™that $82.00 will come in handy! Ha !

If you haven't yet, I invite you to take a minute and check out brother Dr. Rudy Acu??a's piece entitled "Never trust a gringo" here on LatinoLA. I have admired and studied this man's writings for many years as one of my literary role models, and I gotta say, this one is one of his best. Thank you, Dr. Acuna!!

‘«™no wonder he gives white folks heartburn worse than home~made chile!....

If you haven't noticed, the economy has caused an upsurge in charity fundraising for the needy here in OUR COUNTRY, finally! We have enough starving children and victims of disaster (including our economy) here at home, not to mention the suffering‘«™and we at LatinoLA salute those who put other's needs before theirs, and are helping raise funds for various good causes in this time of political caca & dwindling resources‘«™and we thank you, on behalf of future generations, and the present day beneficiaries of your kindness.

Sadly, we all share the mourning of the four Oakland, California, Police Officers who lost their lives last week due to street violence. Never has the hard job of protecting others become even harder‘«™and so needed.

Our prayers go out to their families‘«™.as well as those who continue to wear a badge and uniform across our Country everyday.

The bofos that failed miserably with a lame, tapado "Caveman" show that replaced brother George Lopez's popular TV comedy show are about to be virtually jack slapped again over their poor judgement as George Lopez comes out with a late night TV talk show in November. Watch out, Jay Leno‘«™.here comes the Brown guy, and he's bringing friends!

It just blows me away that the L.A. Unified School District was recently busted for paying out over $182 million for "consultants"‘«™and the district is still a mess, and is laying off some of the most valuable members of our society & children's future: TEACHERS.

Somebody PUH-LEEZE explain to me how the district can hire nominally talented administrators for outrageous salaries, then, when asked to do the job they were overpaid to do, they have to call in high priced consultants (usually friends or relatives who can't make it in a real job in the real world), who don't do anything productive we can see except collect a huge consulting fee ! Sheesh! Talk about graft, greediness, and gall !

AND‘«™nobody outside of their elite circle seem to EVER know when these consulting jobs come up for grabs‘«™I'd like to get in that line, wouldn't you?

Oh well‘«™if nobody complains, nothing gets corrected, nobody gets the boot...and our kids miss out‘«™ that's why we need people like Dr. Rudolfo Acuna and LatinoLA‘«™and YOU !

Orale, pues on with the Brown side news, watcha:

Besides becoming one of the fastest growing Veteran's organizations in the Los Angeles area, the San Fernando Valley Detachment of the Marine Corps League invites the community to step out and join them for "Friday Night at the Legion", a series of dances on Friday nights featuring some of L.A.'s top dance/club bands.

Geared towards that good looking, older-than-35 crowd of particular Gente who love dancing, partying, and merry making‘«™but don't want the hassle of youngsters learning how to act, or pseudo-gangsters thinking they're in a cheap music video, some of the Southland's best adult dance action will be happening at the Reseda American Legion Post 308.

"We want to offer top music & dancing entertainment as a way to join the SFV community together, while inviting all honorably discharged U.S. Marines & FMF Navy Corpsmen , along with retired, reserve , and active duty personnel, to join together as a band of brothers serving our community, while keeping the honor & traditions of the U.S. Marine Corps alive", says Commandant Bennie Najar Jr.

Starting in April, Friday night dances will include such popular L.A. music artists as: A Bag of Tricks, The Backtraxx Band, Louie Parra and The Mad Latins Band, The Satisfaction Band, The Company Band, the Soul Pursuit Band, and joining us from Santa Barbara, the heavy hitting Anthony Prieto Band. Free parking, full service bar, large dance floor, raffles & door prizes
Are offered, along with a guaranteed good time or only a $10.00 donation.
For more info: USMCsgt7@aol.com or castrellon5@yaho.com, or cal 818-621-3920 or 818-599-2719.

Come out and party with the Marines! Oorah & SEMPER FI !

The 18th Annual Latina History Conference at the Millineum Biltmore Hotel in Los Angeles went off well, and was very well attended by over 700 people last month . Latinas are getting it together here in the Land of 1000 Dances, and are getting noticed as Latinas are now the fastest rising minority to graduate from Colleges & Universities, and have increased their presence & leadership roles in the Corporate, Public Service, and Military worlds! ?ŪSI SE PUEDE! For info on future conferences & events: www.latinas.org

GOD, but I love BROWN women !!!

As expected, the Whittier Radisson Hotel saw full houses for the TEMPTATIONS/DELFONICS Concert, and the fundraiser benefit concert for musician Danny Rios. March 28th sees Peter Jaramillo's " Recession Buster Concert # 2" as the Suave, Impact, Smooth Touch, Kool Breeze, and Premier bands all take the stage for an all out party for only $10.00.

Then, on April 19th, a benefit concert for popular guitarist Danny Diaz of the CHICO band, who is battling cancer, will be staged featuring Sangria, Chico, Thee Midniters, Suave, and the Spice band. All musicians and serious music lovers are invited to step up and help one of our own. For more info: www.jegrp.com.

Contrary to popular belief:
~ Thee Mr. Duran show is still up and running at www.mrduran.com
~ The former Montebello Inn on Whittier Blvd in Montebello is now called the Paloma Room, and has been COMPLETELY cleaned up and remodeled, and is open for business. (the restrooms really work now!!)
~ After a brief vacation, DJ Frankie Firme will be returning to Chicano Express Radio at: twww.ChicanoExpress.com with new music & killer oldies
~ The vote by the L.A. Unified School District to make March 31st an official school holiday in memory of the late Cesar Chavez has passed. A bill was passed in 2000 to make March 31st and official state holiday.
~ Gov. Arnold Schwarzeneggar has announced he will NOT run for any other future political office ~ whew! Didn't lose any money on THAT bet!

Frankie Firme & the LatinoLA road dogs head up north to Carpinteria this weekend to catch Pepe Marquez and his new Latin Soul Revue Band at the Palms Restaurant. For more info: www.pepemarquez.com.

Traveling further up north to the grand town of Santa Clara, May 31st sees 89.3 KOHL FM's JJ Amaya hosting a benefit concert for musician Fred Bermea at the famed Avalan Club featuring Kelly Galvan and the KOOL KATZ, MYSTIQUE, and THE JAMMIN' Band. Donation s only $10.00 for a great night of music and dancing for a noble cause. For more info: 408-849-1180

Friday, March 27th sees East L.A. Chicano Rock legends LOS LOBOS taking the stage at the Conga room on Olympic Blvd in Los Angeles. For tickets & info: call 1-866-95-CONGA.

Saturday March 28th also sees the grand opening of TIA CHUCHA's Centro Cultural and Bookstore as they return to Sylmar by popular demand. Founded by nationally acclaimed Chicano writer, poet, and lecturer Luis Rodriguez, Tia Chucha's is one of L.A.'s most unique Chicano cultural art, bookstore, and performing centers that seek to enrich and improve the life of the Brown community through the wonders, magic, and gift of Art. Saturday's grand opening is a free event starting at 4pm, and will feature Aztec Dance & Nahuatlaka ceremony, along with other entertainment and honored guests. For more info: www.tiachucha.com or call 818-528-4511.

Rudy Moreno heads the Latino Comedy Showcase at the famed Pasadena Ice House every Wednesday starting at 8:oopm. For more info: 626-577-1894, or go to www.rudymoreno.com.

Still picking up listeners around the globe, the new LOST MEMORIES RADIO Show is playing what nobody else plays, featuring DJ's Mr. O.G., Frankie Firme, MC Boulevard, Lady Ce~Ce, and Sons of Soul Records. Some of the finest Oldies, classic Doo-wop, rare hard to find Soul oldies, Christian rock, and classic Disco on: www.djchentemrog.com.

You can also catch Frankie Firme's CD spotlight "Frankie Firme presents 16 golden treasures from the vaults of Rampart Records" on www.eastLArevue.com, where some of the best Latin Soul, rare rock and roll, along with the great American songbook is found.

As always, the word of Aztlan is found here on LatinoLA, and we ask that you check out and even contribute to our calenader page, where something is always happening!

Ay te watcho, from the Land of 1000 Dances.

Frankie Firme

About Frankie Firme ~ Contributing Editor:
Frankie Firme is the Al Capone of the microphone & the Hitman of West Coast Chicano Soul.
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