Los Lobos Contest Resultados

Four lucky ... and smart ... readers won tix to see a great show at the Conga Room

By Abelardo de la Pe??a Jr., El Editor
Published on LatinoLA: March 28, 2009

Los Lobos Contest Resultados

We at LatinoLA always feel fortunate when an artist, promoter, club, organization, or anyone gives us free stuff to give to our readers. The Conga Room kindly gifted us with four pairs of tickets to the Los Lobos show at their new nightclub at L.A. Live near Staples Center.

Actually, she gave us five, but our greedy El Editor Ǫ me Ǫ kept one pair for himself. My, it was a fantastic show and after the past few heavy weeks of kids and grandkids coming and going my wife and I have endured, I think we deserved some masterful music in an exquisite setting, and we got it. We got sweaty dancing and now I can't talk 'cause of the shouting and cheering. My wife doesn't mind that at all.

Back to the free tix: We gave them out the old-fashioned LatinoLA way, via our newsletter. (If you haven't signed up, now's your chance:http://latinola.com/join.phpt.

We asked our readers three simple questions: 1) What are the first names of the member of Los Lobos, 2) What high school did four of them graduate from, and 3) What's your favorite Los Lobos album

Here are the answers:

1) David, Louie, Ces?r, Conrad and Steve. Extra point for Cougar.

2) Garfield High

3) Just Another Band from East LA 6 votes
Los Lobos del Este de Los Angeles 6
La Pistola y El Corazon 6
By the Light of the Moon - 4
Kiko - 2
Good Morning Aztlan 2
One vote each:
The Neighborhood
Acoustic en Vivo 2005
The Town and the City
How Will the Wolf Survive?
Monster Head

Here are the winners and their favorite Los Lobos album:
Roberta H Mart?nez The Ride
Ruth Zepeda The Neighborhood
Kathleen Adevoso Good Morning Aztlan
Angel Alcala All of them

And here's what some of our readers wrote along with their entries:

Andy Jimenez says:
My fav album is "Just Another Band From East LA". I've known Conrad Lozano since the '60's when he played in a hard rock group named "Euphoria". If I'm too late for the tix, that's OK..I'm just a big fan of theirs. Hope for much more of their continued success!!

Christina Anguiano:
They are so eclectic that there is an album appropriate for every one of my moods. (I'm a Gemini so that's lots!)

Lupe Lascano Morales writes:
Los Lobos would always play for us students at the Cal State Student Union in the late 70's and for just about every fundraiser. We would gather to support them as they supported us, our scared brown faces that still didn't know what we wanted to be. Then Cesar, Conrad and David played as a trio at my Highland Park wedding reception in 1980. that was sweet......

Raymond Diaz writes:
This is the best band from Los Angeles ever. Better than the Doors, better than Buffalo Springfield, better than the Beach Boys, better than X, better than the Chillipeppers, better than Tierra, better than War. They are the best hands down, the best.

And one of the winners had this to say:

Kathy Adevoso writes:
Thank you again for the show. I made it....but was really late because my sitter was majorly late....you know how teenagers can be..lol And they were cool enough to let me and my girlfriend sneak in the door. My only regret was that all the cool t-shirts were gone in my size by the time i got there. But I will catch one at the next show I am sure.

As always, Los Lobos Rocked. They definitely have gotten better with time. I think the last time i saw them was down at a Jazz festival in San Clemente like 5 years ago. It was right on the beach..a great way to see a concert.

It's our second giveaway since we've re-started our newsletter. Hector Gonzalez won our first one, tix to Brazilian Carnaval at the Hollywood Palladium. And it certainly won't be the last. So you know what to do: Get on our mailing list!


And while you're at it, follow us on Twitter. And publish your calendar listings and stories at: http://latinola.com/contribute.php.

Man, como chinga este El Editor!

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