Latinos and Card Check: Our Dream in Danger

Unions are once again trying to increase their profits by inducing hate towards the business community

By Luis Alvarado
Published on LatinoLA: March 30, 2009

Latinos and Card Check: Our Dream in Danger

For many in our immigrant population, the dream is of starting our own business or having our offspring being granted that option is what inspired immigrants to risk their lives and abandon their loved ones as they came to the land of the free.

Today, that dream is being threatened. Unfortunately, the labor bosses of the AFL-CIO and many other union businesses are proposing to diminish the ability for Latinos and all other entrepreneurial immigrants from sustaining or beginning a viable business.

By promoting the Employee Free Choice Act (EFCA), the unions are hoping to raise their income source, membership. If passed, this law would remove the secret ballot exposing workers to intense intimidation and coercion to sign a union card, before employers even know that a union drive is underway.

Employees would not even have the right to hear both sides of the argument before they cast their public vote to form a union, and they could be lobbied outside of the workplace ÔÇô even at their homes. EFCA would also place a government appointed arbitration board in the center of contract negotiations between businesses and the newly formed unions to decide the pay and benefits workers should receive. These contracts would be binding and neither the employer nor employee would have a say on the contract's terms.

Many of these businesses and the hard work invested in them would not survive. The additional costs and burdens would force these businesses to close their doors, ending the American Dream immigrants worked so hard to achieve. Jobs that are desperately needed in today's economy.

Why would Congress even consider passing such a damaging law? Because the union bosses have given millions and millions of dollars to politicians and now are collecting on their investment.

This bill will force small businesses to close and hurt California. Small businesses are the backbone of California's economy and if this economy is to recover, we cannot make it harder for them to keep their doors open and lights on. As unions continue to complain of companies outsourcing labor, they should look in a mirror and see how it is their anti-business sentiment that is hurting the workforce in America.

We cannot let the union bosses dissolve the dream that invited us to believe and accomplish so much as stakeholders this great country.

About Luis Alvarado:
Luis is president of a small insurance brokerage company. His parents were both immigrants that came to this country to realize their dream of giving their kids the opportunity to have a good life.

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