An End to Bush Era

Obama to unveil a series of initiatives to be announced, and go into effect, April 1 that bring an end to the Bush-Cheney era

By Roberto Dr. Cintli Rodriguez
Published on LatinoLA: March 31, 2009

An End to Bush Era

While President Barack Obama has been reluctant to pursue legal means to prosecute possible war crimes and abuses by the Bush-Cheney administration, he has quietly and incrementally begun to undue most of the its damage.

The quiet part of Obama's counter-offensive has begun with the creation of his "peace, dignity & justice" cabinet. Its primary goal is to bring the U.S. government back into compliance with both U.S. and International law, on both, foreign (the so-called War on Terror ) and domestic matters. In this spirit, President Obama is slated to unveil a series of initiatives to be announced, and go into effect, on April 1 that will bring a dramatic end to the Bush-Cheney era. Having seen an
advanced copy of these initiatives, the president will be proposing:

Peace First Act: The U.S. government commits itself to abide by all U.S. and international laws and conventions in regards to war. Unprovoked war is hereby deemed illegal. War can only be waged with the approval of a two-thirds vote from Congress and only if in full compliance with international law.

Geneva & Hague Compliance Act: The U.S. government will hereafter adhere to the Geneva Conventions on War, including the bans on torture, extraordinary rendition, secret prisons and illegal detentions, interrogations and incarcerations. It also agrees to unconditionally accept the authority of the International War Crimes Tribunal. All agreements by previous administrations with foreign nations that exempt the United States from said court is now null and void.

The Cheney De-privatization Act: The U.S. government hereby proclaims that hereafter; war will cease being a profit-making enterprise. The outsourcing of war to private companies, also known as mercenaries, is heretofore ended. Similarly, the government hereby rescinds all contracts with profit-making corrections corporations, thereby ending the privatization of prisons and detention facilities.

Zero Tolerance Collateral Act: The U.S. Government will cease the practice of assassinating targets (individuals) without trials, particularly if such actions result in the killing of innocent
bystanders. As such, assassination, particularly via drone planes, will hereafter constitute a crime against humanity.

The Princess Di Land Mines Act: In honor of the work of the late Princess Di, this nation agrees to ratify the 1997 international Landmine Ban Convention, thereby ending the isolation of the U. S.

The Women's Dignity Act: The U.S. government agrees to ratify the 1997 U.N. Convention on Discrimination Against Women Treaty, thereby bringing the nation into the 20th century.

No To The Flat Earth Society Act: The U.S. government agrees to end the practice of relying on greed or superstitious beliefs and instead will rely on science in making decisions that affect labor, food and drug safety and the environmental future of the planet.

The Veterans and Elders Dignity Act: The U.S. government commits itself to ensure that no veteran shall again ever be subjected to unemployment and homelessness. Similarly, the government agrees that no elder over the age of 65 can ever be foreclosed upon. Further, the
act also prevents financial institutions receiving bailout monies to foreclose on anyone.

The Arpaio Special Act: Recognizing Maricopa County, Ariz. Sheriff Joe Arpaio's relentless work in the area of immigration enforcement, the president hereby names him the new chief of Homeland Security. Simultaneously, this act also dismantles said department, hereby bringing an end to the era of big and fear-based government.

The Humane Migration Act: This act directs Congress to create humane migration agreements that protects the rights of all migrants, as enumerated in the U.S. Constitution and as agreed upon by all
International agreements. The government hereby agrees to eliminate the category of "illegal alien," commits itself to bring down the walls along the U.S./Mexico border, cancels all future immigration dragnet raids and rescinds immigration kangaroo courts such as "Operation Streamline.

Indigenous Peoples' Treaty Compliance Act: The U.S. government agrees to unconditionally ratify the 2007 UN's Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples. This act will also automatically trigger a case by case review of every treaty ever broken by the U.S. government.

The You Lost the Election Act: This act compels the media to remind the losers of the previous election, that they in fact ÔÇô along with their causes ÔÇô lost the previous election. Hereafter, this act
nullifies the ability of any president to create signing statements that permits him/her to ignore the law, including these initiatives.

(c) Column of the Americas 2009

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