Chihuahua in a Box

I'm not a Chihuahua...

By Las Ramonas
Published on LatinoLA: April 1, 2009

Chihuahua in a Box

Via the light of moon goddess warrior Coyolxauhqui a prophecy was fortold 513 years ago to a young weaver named Pocha-hontas (the mother of all Pochas) who, inspired, weaved the prophetic statement into an intricate huipil. This huipil, lost for the last 500 years was found one day while 3 mujeres were bargain shopping at a thrift store. Gazing at their amazing find, the weaved prophecy revealed itself stating: "EY! Relax... stop taking yourself and this story so seriously." These Xicanas pondered, meditated, and finally responded, "Oh, Ok."


And on the third day, Las Ramonas rose to present their latest project "CHIHUAHUA IN A BOX" --their new parody music video.

WHY Chihuahua in a Box, you ask? Because! Las Ramonas were OUTRAGED... well actually we were mildly concerned, umm, no, more like sharply dissatisfied. With what, you ask? With the offensive, stereotypical, appropriating, racist, rata greed machine pumping out yet another sorry piece of crap excuse for a movie in a long line of pieces of crap called Beverly Hills Chihuahua. Yeah, thats right we said it, Y QUE!

So after hours of sitting around yapping, theorizing, and hypothesizing conspiracies we decided to take a nap... And then we awoke with the strong urge to make a hardcore gansta rap music video but, our rhymes were just too dope for the general public's ears. So instead we called upon the guerrillera warrior spirits of the west for guidance and their ancient chants prompted us to the fulfillment of the punk rock music video prophesy: Chihuahua in a Box.

You're not a chihuahua!
Paz, risas, y dignidad
Las Ramonas

Watch "Chihuahua in a Box" by Las Ramonas:

About Las Ramonas:
Las Ramonas: Marisol L. Torres, Marlene Beltran & Jo Anna Mixpe Ley; multi-media artivists & performers. This all-Xicana troupe uses theater & comedy to provoke a Xicanista critique, laughter, and thought throughout the world-world-world!
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