Facebook Meet Results in Prize-winning Webcomic

Futuristic fantasy Re-Evolution, led by canine hero Che-Huahua and written by Latinos, first place in DC Comic competition

Published on LatinoLA: April 16, 2009

Facebook Meet Results in Prize-winning Webcomic

Juan Felipe Salcedo and Gustavo Higuera won first place at DC Comic's ZUDA COMICS INVITATIONAL for their comic "Re-Evolution." Che-huahua, the story's main character and hero is a futuristic canine rebel leader spawned from Los Angeles, CA-based creator Gustavo Higuera's love for his dog Pippen, a mild-mannered Chihuahua, and the inspirational poster of Che Guevara that hangs above his desk.

A chance friend request on Facebook connected Gus with Bucaramanga, Colombia-based illustrator Juan Felipe Salcedo and the concept for Re-Evolution came quickly and easily.

"Juan is in Colombia and I'm in Los Angeles, so we created Re-Evolution with technology as our friend. Juan nailed Che-Huahua and initial concepts with some crazy detailed designs for the gorillas, the animal jail transporter and hovercrafts. I started working on the script at this time and in a weekend had our first draft. I was pretty blown away with the final screens," explains Gus.

Re-Evolution was submitted to the ZUDA COMICS 2008 INVITATIONAL (Zuda Comics is DC Comics' webcomics division), nominated by Zuda's fans and eventually won first prize for its innovation, productivity, dedication, creativity and skill.

Re-Evolution Synopsis: The year is 2013; all life on Earth was nearly destroyed by a series of environmental disasters called the "Great Change." Forced migration, starvation and disease kill 90% of the earth's population turning what were once great cities ruled by men, into desolate wastelands ruled by Mother Nature. Mankind has no choice but seek refuge - they move into centralized green zones leaving everything behind, including their beloved animals.

With the humans gone, it's a free-for-all battle of survival amongst the animals until a group of gorilla forces start a campaign to enslave all wildlife and establish themselves as the dominant force on the planet. Out of these troubled times a new leader emerges to protect the innocent, Che-huahua, the brave and noble dog who along with the help of his "Guerilla Wild" vow to protect all animals, save the planet from further danger, find the last human city and hope for the day to once again live in peace and harmony in a new golden age -- a re-Evolution.

Learn more at http://www.chehuahua.com

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