Get A Life

Kingpin a TV show employing talented Latinos

By Rudy Moreno
Published on LatinoLA: February 10, 2003

Get A Life

In every aspect of life there are going to be disagreements. But sometimes you just have to realize that there are people out there that have nothing to do except to sit and bitch (complain) about something, or for that matter ANYTHING. They love to be miserable.

I am talking about these "armchair radicals" that are constantly complaining about the images that are portrayed negatively for Latinos.

I agree that there should be watchdog groups protecting and making the public aware of things, but some of these guys are extreme. Would it be better for some Latino actors, writers, and producers to be unemployed? I'm not saying do the gig for the money and be a "vendido," ?pero ya !

Quit complaining every time we get on the tube or in a film. Or at least be consistent. J-Lo plays a Maid in Manhattan, and we havent heard SQUAT about that. She is "Up There" and has loads of cash, so maybe that makes it OK in the eyes of all these critics who are fast to stand up and complain about people working on KINGPIN.

I very much enjoyed working on KINGPIN for two episodes and I will tell you that every Latino on that show was talented, hardworking and very proud of their culture. The fact that the story is about drug business is secondary. The drug cartels unfortunately exist and it is a reality.

This was the premise for the show.

This has nothing to do with the Latino actors being sell-outs, nor the writers or producers. These are all professionals and I take offense to those that sit and bitch and moan and don't do anything to correct their own demons. If these people are so upset, then why don't they write and produce something of their own and have them put it on TV and hire all Latinos to do the acting and the crew work?

You have to be happy that Latinos are getting on TV, and I think once we are there in a more permanent position, THEN we start to take over the reins and make the changes that we think will please our people. And that's not fair to say what pleases our people and what doesn't.

People like Evelina Fernandez and Jose Luis Valenzuela who wrote, produced and acted in her own film and hired Raza to make it are the exception. She doesn't sit there and complain. She got off her butt and put things into motion. Now someone like that has EVERY right to say anything about Latinos' portrayals.

Culture Clash, George Lopez , Josefina Lopez, all of these folks (to name a few) got into the position they wanted and have full creative control of their projects. If they were to sit there and complain about everything, nothing would be done. And I truly believe that the arm chair radicals have no idea what goes into a day's work or preparation for a TV or film project.

I have played doctors, wardens, coroners, business owners and I never have received any negative comments. Why? Because it is considered OK to play those roles. But what if the doctor, warden or coroner were a rapist or child molester when he's off work? Does that make him OK because he's a doctor or warden or detective?

Give these hard working brothers and sisters a chance to make a living with their talents, for Chrissakes. It's a pinche TV show.

We have bigger problems amongst ourselves -- teenage pregnancy, gang violence, poor voter turnout, education, health, economic issues -- let's put our energy and efforts towards those things and not what's on the tube.

To those who have nothing to do except to sit and wait for the next thing to rally and bitch about: Get a Life!

About Rudy Moreno:
Rudy Moreno is an actor and comedian.

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