A Faithful Soldier

Molly Gonzalez creates 'My Spouse Is My Hero' Essay Contest for Military Spouse Day

By Bobbi Miller-Moro & Robert Salazar
Published on LatinoLA: April 30, 2009

A Faithful Soldier

Molly Gonzalez is inspired by the courage the armed forces demonstrate on a day-to-day basis. Six years ago Molly was experiencing a sad time in her life. Her mother was terminally ill and there was a word that kept coming up for her.

That word was faith, only it was in Spanish. In Spanish it has two letters and it is simply "FE". Molly wrote the word 'Fe' on a piece of paper, and it became her symbol of faith. The message was loud and clear to her as she explained. "All I needed to get through my pain was faith; faith in life, in love and in the Universe." She started doodling one day, creating a beautiful symbol and that word became her symbol of Faith.

Her friend Justin saw the symbol and wanted to embellish it onto his dog tag, and he "just loved it". It was a reminder to him to never lose hope and always have faith. He took the dog tags with him to Iraq and he personalized them for the soldiers there. He said that along with his deployment there will be men leaving their newborn children and fianc?®s and wives behind and they will need a little extra hope and faith to get through and reach that point of peace on the front lines. was born. Based out of New York, Molly Gonzalez, a Cuban-American, Lifestyle Designer for Univision, hosts and collaborates on segments for various projects for the Nationally televised show, "Despierta America".

Molly believes our military is under-appreciated and wanted to focus on the lives and well being of these courageous men and women. Her passion is to bring awareness to the spouses who also 'serve' their families. Molly believes our men and women need support and that "we flourish as human beings when we are loved and supported by those closest to us. It will bring a little recognition to the ones who serve in silence." Molly elaborated. "The husbands and wives who hold their families together while their spouses are on the front lines deserve recognition of their own."

She created 'My Spouse Is My Hero' Essay Contest for Military Spouse Day on May 8th, 2009. The contest is open to all spouses of The United States Armed Forces, including Marines, Navy, Army, Air Force and Coast Guard; highlighting why your military spouse is your hero. Story criteria will be based on inspiring love, hope and faith experiences in times of hardship and despair between spouses.

Stories submissions start May 10, 2009, and submission deadline ends June 10, 2009. Many sponsors have stepped up to donate their services for Prizes including; Senses hair and make over, Dinner at Benjamin Steak House (former Peter Luger chef Arturo McLeod), A trip to New York to be flown round trip, Hotel stay sponsored by Freedom Hospitality, Day cruise in the North Fork of Long island on 50 foot yacht, Signed original limited-edition Faithful Soldier print by Raul Rubio, and T- shirts and personalized dog tags courtesy of A Faithful Soldier.

The unique dog tags have become in demand, and as a result Molly has expanded her line to now include 'A Faithful Soldier' T Shirts for every branch of the military in order to highlight the service that the Armed Forces provides. Gonzalez commissioned young talented graphic designers with limited edition prints for her collection. The result is that not only is she highlighting new talent, but consistently focusing on the men and women in our military and their families.

A portion of the proceeds go to Soldiers Angels, a volunteer-based nonprofit organization, designed to support all branches of the U.S. Armed Forces. Molly's plans include a foundation with programs for the men and women who serve, their children, and disabled military veterans.

She is creating a community of like minded individuals and artists who are on a 'Journey To Serve', such as Raul Rubio, a local creative artist whom she commissioned the limited edition painting for her A Faithful Soldier contest. Rubio is designing men's dog tags and T shirt line, with unique packaging and graphics. He is also doing original hip-hop beat and graffiti inspired graphics. The intention of this additional line will be targeted to the younger soldiers. The painting was captured on video for You Tube.

Molly shared "I'm a firm believer that even if I am not as courageous as the men and women in our military I can still serve them, inspire our communities to reach out, and make a difference in their lives."

Her goals include, creating a foundation that will ultimately encourage sponsors to provide products to men and women. Through online web seminars she hopes to train young soldiers salesmanship and other business skills.

Ultimately she would like to partner with Fortune 500 companies to raise money for the men and women in our military, through her personalized dog tags. If you would like to contact Molly Gonzalez for Sponsorship opportunities, or in any other participation, go to You can submit your 'My Spouse is My Hero' Essay or review the rules and regulations by going to

About Bobbi Miller-Moro & Robert Salazar:
Bobbi Miller-Moro is a filmmaker, author & artist. She lives in Ca with her husband & five children. Robert Salazar is Bobbi's oldest teenage son, and is an award-winning, 'most decorated Cadet' in the State of California Cadet Corp
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