Please Vote YES on Proposition 1A

Here's another fine mess you gotten us into.....Oliver Hardy to Stan Laurel

By Alberto Marrer Salas
Published on LatinoLA: May 16, 2009

Please Vote YES on Proposition 1A

Please vote YES on Proposition 1A

Our Governator Ahnold has asked us to vote yes on all of the propositions that appear on the May 19th ballot.

You must vote yes because if you do not Ahnold will release 40,000 inmates. Among this are 5,000 HIV infected midgets who will rape you, your daughters and your granddaughters and maybe your sons if gay demented midgets are included.

Among the prisoners Ahnold will release if you vote no on Prop.1A will be Charlie Manson, Richard Martinez, Sirhan Sirhan and the hillside strangles Bianchi and Bouno.

Of course your family will all die from lack of health care as he will fire 20,000 health workers.

He will also fire 51,000 teachers. Yes that's right. Ahnold will fire 51,000 teachers. Your sons and daughters will receive the education worthy of mutants after an atomic holocaust.

Your children will have trouble competing for great jobs such as picking tomatoes or being hired as day workers in front of Home Depot.

If you do not allow Ahnold to double your car tax for the next four years he will fire at least 50,000 firefighters who will not be able to contain the fires lit by some of the 40,000 prisoners he will release who are all arsonists.

Ahnold will then contract out the entire State of California firefighting to the Fire Department in Rosarito Baja California.

If you do not allow Ahnold to charge over 10% sales tax if you live in South Gate or Pico Rivera you will have your house burnt down.

He will also fire the entire staff of the Los Angeles Zoo. You will be attacked by lions, leopards, tigers and chimps.

The Governator will also fire 40,000 Policemen. These will either seek employment elsewhere or join the 40,000 arsonist inmates he will release forcing you to face 40,000 to 80,000 demented arsonist inmates plus their unemployed Police allies.

Now what is really going to happen? Whether the Propositions pass or not the following is going to happen.

Kahlifonia will ask the Federal Government to guarantee their short term bond offerings Tax Anticipation Notes (TANS) and Revenue Anticipation Notes (RANS) and its longer term bond obligations.

The Obama administration being beholden to public employee unions will back Kahlifonias bonds , RANS and TANS.

The power of the Federal Government and its ties to the public employee union in Kahlifornia has already been felt.

When the Terminator decided to cut the salary of SEIU union members who are paid to take care of their family members at home from $12 to 10 per hour the Obama administration told Kahlifonia that $7 Billion dollars in Federal stimulus would be cut.

SEIU contacted the Obama administration about the salary cuts and the administration warned the Terminator that cutting the salary of public employees specially those who belonged to the union was unacceptable.

The home care program is racked with fraud. Dead patient's families are collecting money. The program today is about $6 Billion dollars and there is a whole two investigators attached to the program.

So whether you vote NO or YES there will be little difference. The new oligarchy the new royals are the members of the public employee unions.

You and I with no connection to special interests are the peons.

So please vote for Prop. 1A.

About Alberto Marrer Salas:
Partner NACARA 2000 immigration law.. Worked on Wall Street during the go go 70's and 80's. Merrill Lynch and Pru Bache.
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