News from the Brown Side of Town

Happenings & chismes from the Land of 1000 Dances

By Frankie Firme ~ Contributing Editor
Published on LatinoLA: June 2, 2009

News from the Brown Side of Town

Orale, mi Gente! After returning from 10 days vacation from the World, I feel rejuvenated & re-charged. There is NOTHING like spending time with familia, good friends, and good music to get us through these tough times‘«™and luckily, I'm getting through!

L.A.'s Mayor has announced he WILL NOT be running for California Governor (GRACIAS, Tony!), so maybe now he will actually come to work everyday as our Mayor‘«™.a ver‘«™

Of all the hypocritical, pot-calling-the-kettle-black examples of double standard public loud mouthing in a long time since Richard ("I am not a criminal") Nixon, gabacho Republican commentators Rush Limbaugh and Newt Gringrinch actually had the gall to publicly label Supreme Court nominee Sonya Sotomayor a "Latina Woman Racist" and unsuitable for the Supreme Court. Does that mean that a "White Man Racist", like the many in power in our country over the past 232 years are better suited?...and if they had to go back over eight years to research and find some dirt on homegirl‘«™somebody must really be afraid of something‘«™.

Go head on, Sonya! We're with you ! (at least she pays her taxes and isn't on drugs!)

GM's going into bankruptcy and is cutting out a lot of people and stuff to qualify for another $30 billion in taxpayer supported bailout money atop the $20 billion in tax money they already got‘«™I wonder what they're gonna do with all the Lear jets, limousines, company-owned luxury executive beachfront properties and the many family & friends that used to pose as corporate executives with outrageous salaries ?....a ver‘«™

$50 billion dollars‘«™that could feed and house a lot of people, and pay for a lot of needed services, and balance a lot of budgets!

The Lakers are taking it down to the wire against Orlando‘«™.GO LAKERS !!

Did you hear about the dude in Cairo, Egypt, who cut off his own "chorizo" to spite his rich family after he was denied permission to marry the girl he loved because she was considered "lower class"? ‘«™thank goodness we got places like Vegas and Reno, and a concept called freedom of choice here in the good old U.S. of A !...THAT wouldn't happen in L.A.!

‘«™and get this‘«™.Nadya "Octomom" Suleman has just signed a deal with an Amsterdam-based company to star in her own reality television series. Some folks have all the luck, huh ?

And‘«™places like Griffith Park, the Travel Town Museum, The Griffith Park Observatory, and the Getty Museum are all still great FREE places to take the family and spend some quality time in L.A. for those of us who don't have a lot of bucks.

This month, we lose our free analog TV airwaves to mandatory digital cable, with NO options (other than nothing) available if we want to get our news. So‘«™if there's a natural disaster like a fire or earthquake, and the power goes out just when we need emergency information the most‘«™we'll REALLY be in the dark and up a creek!...I wonder who thought of this, and who's making the biggest profit off this?...converter box, anyone?

OK‘«™.enough already...I know‘«™let's get on with some music and entertainment news in the Land of 1000 Dances. Watcha:

San Fernando Valley's BAG OF TRICKS Band continue their upward swing in popularity as they head out to the Waterfront Restaurant in Marina Del Rey this Friday June 5th. Check out the beach, the great weather, and the BAG of TRICKS Band for a great weekend start. For tickets & info: www.thewfr.com or call (818) 408-9399. The BAG of TRICKS Band comes back to the Valley on July 10th for their second scheduled appearance the "Friday Night at the Legion" dances hosted by the SFV Marine Corps League at the Reseda American Legion Post 308.

And speaking of the SFV Marine Corps League, they welcome LOUIE PARRA & The MAD LATINS Band on Friday, June 12th, as their popular "Friday Night at the Legion" concert/dance series continues gaining momentum in the San Fernando Valley as THE place to get your boogie on and party on a Friday night. The MAD LATINS have been rocking the Inland Empire hard these past few weeks, and now bring their "Eastside Sound" to the Valley for a night of dancing & romancing. For tickets & info: USMCsgt7@aol.com,, HNLandin@aol.com or Castrellon5@yahoo.com. Open to the public, the SFV Marine Corps League also welcomes all interested U.S. Marine and U.S. Navy FMF Corpsmen veterans to join the family.

The SATISFACTION and BALANCE bands rocked the Norwalk Guest House Inn last Friday & Saturday nights to some fine crowds. THEE Mr. Duran & "Cuzzin" Judy were spotted in the crowd as SATISFACTION's new lead singer, ANDREA GUERRERO, put the crowd into orbit and rocked the house with her powerful, semi-nuclear vocal talent. Wow, girl got it going on ! Then‘«™ to mine and everybody's pleasant surprise, there she was:‘«™ Lady Eileen Benavides herself, looking good and getting her boogie on with the crowd. With a little coaxing, Eileen got up on stage and belted out a couple of her favorites for the lucky crowd, and the two lovely ladies of SATISFACTION, past & present, kept the dance floor full till closing. Of course, Sammy & the guys of BALANCE were no slouches either, bringing in that good looking L.A. crowd that loves to party the very next night !

SATISFACTION comes to the San Fernando Valley on June 26th as the "Friday Night at the Legion" dance/concert series continues to rock the Valley at the Reseda American Legion Post. For tickets & info: www.satisfactionband.com or Castrellon5@yahoo.com or HNLandin@aol.com. Be there!

The BLUES STRAIGHT UP Band rocked the end of May out at the Roast House in Santa Clarita last Saturday to an enthusiastic crowd of Blues lovers.

The Latin Legends concert, featuring WAR, TIERRA, EL CHICANO and MALO rocked the west coast last weekend at sold out shows in Los Angeles and Santa Barbara. Word from the LatinoLA road dogs at both shows was that there just couldn't have been a better collection of West Coast talent to put on a better show, and the capacity crowds proved that once again.

SUSIE HANSEN, along with SOTO, BARELA, SUAVE, HINDSITE, and SANGRIA hit the stages this month at the Whittier Radisson Hotel's Club 201 , one of L.A.'s hottest dance clubs for that good looking, hip, older Chicano crowd. For more info: www.jegrp.com .

Not to be left out of the mix in the Land of 1000 Dances, my good friends, San Fernando Valley's BECKY CORDOVA & THE COMPANY Band have been rockin' L.A. solid these past couple of weeks, with gigs in Tarzana, Santa Fe Springs, and Whittier. They open for TIERRA and EL CHICANO at Santa Paula's Annual Citrus Festival on July 17th, then come back home for the hometown San Fernando Valley crowd on August 14th for the Marine Corps League's "Friday Night at the Legion" dance/concert. For more info: www.thecompanyband-tcb.com.

Giving something back to the old neighborhood, WAR's Sal Rodriguez and TIERRA's Issac Avila jam live every Wednesday for happy hour at the Casa Torres Restaurant in Sylmar, on the corner of Hubbard and Glenoaks, starting at 7pm. Admission and parking is FREE, and everybody is invited. Good food, good music, a good crowd, and a good time guaranteed. For more info: salthedrummer@aol.com.

After 15 years, singer/actress Jeanette Jurado rejoins her incomparable & exciting girl group EXPOSE, as they share a stage with L.A. heavy hitters SOTO for one night only at Original Mike's in Santa Ana on Sunday June 15th. For tickets & info : (562) 929-7566 or e-mail: www.sotoentertainmentgroup.com.

This Sunday, June 7th, NITE LIFE CAR CLUB of Santa Barbara hosts the 17th Annual SHOW n' STYLE Car Show and Arena Hop at the Earl Warren Showgrounds in the beautiful seaside kingdom that is Santa Barbara, California. Starting at 11:am, there will be food, refreshments, vendors, music, and souvenirs. Cash prizes & trophies for some of the finest classic, custom, and low-riding cars on the West Coast, including an 8 foot custom trophy for best of show. All car Clubs on the planet are invited ! Live music entertainment provided by MR. PEPE MARQUEZ & the LATIN SOUL REVUE, M.C. Magic, and Emcee'd by L.A.'s FRANKIE FIRME. For tickets & info: (806) 680-6339 or (806) 448-4580. All ages welcome, children 10 & under get in free!

Orale, keep it logged onto LatinoLA.com for more of the "brown buzz", and check out our calendar page.

Live life to the fullest, pray for our troops overseas, respect our brothers and ourselves, respect and protect our women & children, stop the madness of street violence & drug abuse‘«™and you are truly living !

Ay te watcho, from the Land of 1000 Dances!

~ Frankie Firme

About Frankie Firme ~ Contributing Editor:
Frankie Firme is the "Al capone of the microphone & the Hitman of West Coast Chicano Soul"
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