Take Your 10% and Use It

Making sense of a war on Iraq is no easy task

By Alisha M. Rosas
Published on LatinoLA: February 13, 2003

Take Your 10% and Use It

According to various studies, the human brain uses approximately 10 percent of its potential. (Perhaps the remaining 90 percent remain dormant and entertained by FOX?s reality-based TV shows). It?s no wonder why some Americans have not realized how fast our nation is rushing into a war with Iraq.

The Bush administration has become nothing more than a group of cheerleaders. Shaking their pompoms, they attempt to encourage fellow countries to ?join our team? into the next World War. This will not be an easy war or a justified war. It is a war that we are speeding into and failing to take into account the consequences that will follow.

I will admit that President Bush?s motives appear passionate. So much of what he says, however, is based on such little reason. It?s almost as if he is eager to complete dusty pieces of his father?s agenda in his term. People are aware that Saddam Hussein is a potential threat, but reality is Hussein has not done anything to target the United States, or any other country for that matter, in the last decade.

Speaking of threats, why is Hussein the target anyway? What happened to the supposed terrorist of all terrorists: Osama bin Laden? Could it be that post-Sept. 11, the Bush administration ?i n an effort to distract the nation from its inability to locate the madman behind the crumbling of the Twin Towers ? found another target for us to displace our anger, our resentment, our retaliation toward? After all, they?re both Middle Eastern, live in the same geographical vicinity on a world map and are both recognized as enemies to this nation.

It?s time to observe more than Bush?s desire to go to war. It?s time to pay attention to what this war means to every family in this nation. It?s time to look ahead and predict the consequences. We cannot maintain an ?I?ll wait and see what happens? stance any longer. We must attend peace rallies and support the politicians taking anti-war stances. Most importantly, we must be educated on what is happening.

This war is getting personal. Military friends of mine, mostly minorities, are being called to serve and protect the freedom of this nation. These individuals are some of the ones who make up our so-called volunteer military. These were the people who needed financial assistance for college, and a recruiter happened to ?walk the walk and talk the talk.? After all, no one saw a war coming four years ago, right? It was a good deal.

Now more than 200,000 of our sons and daughters are being ?called? to serve for a nation whose leader and vice president found ways to avoid war conflict in their time. I can guarantee you that it will not be their children or family coming homes in the body bags.

If we go to war, we should not be surprised to hear of suicide bombers and other fanatics attacking on American soil. We should start preparing for the tragedies now. After all, the founder of Hamas, the military Palestinian group, recently put a call for Muslims to ?strike Western interests and hit them everywhere? if the United States initiates a war with Iraq.

To help the anxious and paranoid sleep better at night, our country may resort to restricting the freedoms it is claiming to fight for by repeating its history. Like the Japanese-Americans during World War II, we will start locking up anyone who looks ?suspicious.? Perhaps Middle Eastern people?s existence will be too much of a threat and internment camps will be constructed. Anyone who has the wrong ?look? ? be it Middle Eastern, Hispanic or anyone with dark features ? will be a threat.

There are so many questions and no answers. The Bush administration wants nothing more than to pounce at the opportunity to wage this war. Maybe it?s always been George W.?s dream to go down in future history textbooks as the President who launched World War III. We must ask ourselves though, at what cost? The time to question is now.

Taking in all of this information and trying to make sense of it or attempting to change what is going on in our country is not an easy task. I have realized though that it has very little to do with the human brain?s 10-percent limit.

For many, it?s just easier not to pay attention.

About Alisha M. Rosas:
Alisha M. Rosas is an anti-war, anti-Bush Latina who encourages everyone to wake up and pay attention.

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