Mongo Caressing The Skins

Conguero in dream flight, corazon motion

By Phil Goldvarg
Published on LatinoLA: February 14, 2003

Mongo Caressing The Skins

Mongo Caressing The Skins
[ Para Mongo SantaMaria ]

the slap, golpe seco,
the muff,
of great ebony hands,

beat of heart drum,
agony n pain,

new freedom on the skins,
moving the feet
to a son beat,

dust of dirt
flowing to da daba, daba, da bata ba ba,

sonrisa wide in flowing motion,
conguero in dream flight, corazon motion,

hardwood hands of flying sangre,
rio de ritmo,
gritos de historia,

catch ears waiting for release.
Mongo breaks their chains, tum tum, tum, tum tum,

mahogany voz,
that defies a no drumming whip
laid on a lost soul,

Mongo Santa, ta da, ta da, ta da da,
ba ba bap, pop, pop, pop,

Santa Maria,
we can hear you, da bop, da bop,
you cover the circle,
rim to rim,

bring us in
to swaying trance,
uncensored dance,

Cubano canto,
Afro Hermano,
seducing estrellas y la luna,

with your beat treat,
pushing the heat,
moving our feet,

conguero slapping bata bat bat bata bat batbatba,
da ba ba, da ba ba,
bum da bum, da bum, da da bum,

Mongo, you gathered with the best,
they dreamed to swing con tigo,

jammed with your winged beat,
your palms waving into sky,

shaking the air,
volcanic explosion of ebony,

Mongo quake,
rupturing earth,

healing the scar of oppression,
lifting depression,

with your slap, muff,
deep tone rumble,

of great palm
ebony hands,

electric descarga,
Mongo, guaguanco rumbero.

Phil Goldvarg 2/11/03 ?

About Phil Goldvarg:
Phil Goldvar, poet in Sacramento, Ca - Hgold42734@aol.com

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