News from the Brown Side of Town

Chismes and happenings in the Land of 1000 Dances, July 3

By Frankie Firme ~ Contributing Editor
Published on LatinoLA: July 3, 2009

News from the Brown Side of Town

Orale, Mi Gente!!

Summer's in full swing, and I am one among many that is grateful as all working dudes on payday that gas prices are not anywhere near what they were last year.

It's hot in Southern Califas, pretty and good looking Brown people are struttin' their stuff in the sunshine down by the beach, and the Gente continue to deal with this pinche recession by keeping our heads up and dancing through the tough times in local turf, sacrificing for our children, loving our women, and joining everybody in appreciating this great Country for what it is this month...despite Rush Limbaugh and rich white people crying about how "illegal Mexican immigrants" are making the country broke. (see L.A. Times editorial piece "Any wonder why we're going broke?")...c'mon Rush and all you envious closet racists!...give it a break, dudes!

Just because we look better, cook better, dance better, sing better, tell better jokes, have pretty children that hunger for education, fight harder, speak two languages without remorse, have sent our sons and daughters off to defend our country (something YOU never did) for generations with pride, and continue to survive as a culture despite so many attempts to wipe us out and make us irrelevant...don't hate us 'cause we're here, OK?...we accept you !

Chill out !...I would suggest you take a chill pill...but you already KNOW about that!

It's American Independence month, celebrating 233 years of freedom in the most chingonest Country on the planet on the 4th, and brother Andy Porras reminds us all that freedom isn't cheap, and just like now, BROWN Americans played a major part in fighting & paying for that freedom back in the 1770's, when only 1/3 of "original" white Americans took up arms and put their nalgas on the line to fight for our Independence when it was time to pay the bill. Check out his piece "The 4th of July is for real Americans" (http:://latinola.com/story.php?story=7608) ~ which I have attempted to forward around the World and ask that you share it with EVERYBODY you know on the 4th of July.

Gracias , Andy !

For some reasons, the vatos in France are having a hard time keeping their planes in the air lately...hey, baby! Que paso? Think I'll put off that trip to the Eiffel Tower this year...sorry, Babe!

If you work for the State of California, you may start getting paid with an autographed I.O.U. from Governor Arnold soon...but at least Bank of America will honor those I.O.U.'s to help you pay the rent and buy some groceries...

Gracias B of A !

I am starting to look forward to newspapers again, as so many rich white people and politicians are reportedly getting busted in the public eye for their entitled shenanagins. 'Bout time! Maybe this will help in changing people's perception that crime only happens in the barrios & ghettos, and is only committed by poor people of color...can you say Barry Madoff and billions?

EVERYBODY is by now aware of the passing of music legend Michael Jackson, much to the chagrin of white folks, who would rather hear more about Farrah Fawcett, Ed McMahon, and Karl Maldden. No disrespect to these fine people, (especially Mr. Ed McMahon, who was an honorably discharged, retired U.S. Marine Corps Officer) but what songs did THEY sing that still travel around the World, and how many of THEIR millions did THEY donate to charity...and what song and dance for world wide hunger did THEY ever do? And in tribute to the world, how many talented artists and dancers around the World did they inspire over the past 40 years or more?

THAT'S what the big deal is about Michael, for those of you who ask....no disrespect, here!

Some people still cry about the unproved child molesting charges, while they continue to keep fugitive convicted child molester Roman Polanski rich and in high esteem by watching his movies and singing his praises.

And NOBODY can deny that the all American, most loved, white boy singer of the 1970's & 80's Donny Osmond, would have NEVER gotten more than a second look with his brothers had it NOT been for the example the Jackson 5 set across the country in 1970's...a si no mas !

So....how does the other shoe fit, Bubba ?...can't we all just get along without the sniveling racism, jealousy and envy ?

I remember around 1984, while working one of my many young man jobs in life, I chauffered a group of teenagers to the sold out Michael Jackson concert at the L.A. Sports Arena. Tickets were $25.00 - a lot of money back then - and as I was parked with all the other limo drivers along Figueroa Street in Los Angeles waiting for our $35.00 an hour customers (a lot of money back then too), two brand new white stretch limos pulled into the Sports Arena and unloaded a screeching group of pre-teen aged boys & girls and their mothers.

When the drivers unloaded their charges and joined us across the street, they informed us that Michael had "his people" give out free tickets and a limo ride for some under privileged kids in South Central L.A.- judging by the excited reaction of my customers after the concert, I can only surmise that those kids must have had a ball and will have a lifelong memory of that day ...and that's one of the things I will always remember about Michael Jackson, along with some fine music...besides dancing the funky chicken to "ABC" back in the 1970's....

My homie & partner in crime, Richard "THEE MR." Duran gives a nice tribute to Michael here on LatinoLA, check out his memorial salute piece at: http://latinola.com/story.php?story=7621~ gracias, Rick!

Orale, on with the music in Aztlan! Watcha:

Word on the street is that many, many people missed a GREAT dance show last week as one of L.A.'s best, SATISFACTION, rocked the San Fernando Valley solid as they joined the SFV Marine Corps League's "Friday Night at the Legion" program at the Reseda American Legion Hall for an all out party. Probably one of their best performances ever, it was also the much talked about SFV debut performance of Ms Andrea Guerrero. Always available for a great party, check out the SATISFACTION band at: textwww.satisfactionband.com for future appearances, and tell 'em Frankie Firme & LatinoLA.com sent you!

" Friday Night at the Legion" at the home of the SFV Marine Corps League in Reseda continues to be enjoyed as a growing party-dance phenomena in the San Fernando Valley as July welcomes back, by popular demand, the ever popular BAG OF TRICKS Band on July 10th, and the pride of Santa Barbara, the heavy hitting ANTHONY PRIETO band comes to town July 17th.

Known for his popular tunes "Cruisin' ", "Hot summer nights", and "Only the lonely", ANTHONY PRIETO has been rockin' clubs in Central California, State Street in downtown Santa Barbara, most recently the Inland Empire, the Internet radio airwaves, and now makes their first SFV appearance in over 2 years on July 17th at the Reseda American Legion Hall for a hot summer jam party with their unique brand of Latin Rock & Soul, Oldies, Cumbias, Disco, Top 40, and original dance tunes. For more info and tickets: Castrellon5@yahoo.com, Fred.Flores29@gmail.com, or USMCsgt7@aol.com. ...good food, affordable drinks, great live music, dancing,raffles, door prizes, FREE secure parking all in a clean, modern, air conditioned atmosphere all for your comfort & enjoyment on a Friday night. SEE YOU THERE!

Of course, SAL RODRIGUEZ and ISSAC AVILA continue their free happy hour parties every Wednesday evening at the Casa Torres Restaurant in Sylmar. I checked them out a couple of weeks ago...NICE party, music, & crowd for the middle of the week. For more info: salthedrummer@aol.com .

Louie Parra & The Mad Latins continue rockin' the house wherever they go, and invite you to visit their new website at textwww.theemadlatinsband.com
...they be some baaaad dudes!!

The eastLArevue.com Internet Radio Juke Box continues to satisfy the music tastes of Gente around the World 24/7.

Texas's Crazy Chuy Hernandez, despite a brief hospital stay, is back on his feet and back on the air bringing out the gritos and orgullo in all of us at textwww.ChicanoExpress.com .

And, classic archived " vato rock" is always available on the Lost Memories Show at text www.djchentemrog.com .

CORY SILVA's Green Turtle Club in Whittier continues picking up steam as a new dance/party venue in the Land of 1000 Dances for that hip Chicano crowd, and this week welcomes ROCKY PADILLA, and Mr. HANK CASTRO, live on stage for another great party. For more info on this and future shows, call (626)409-1919.

And speaking of Whittier, Peter Jaramillo's WHITTIER RADISSON HOTEL continues to be one of L.A.'s heavy hot spots for dance and merry making, bringing you such hot popular acts as SUSIE HANSEN, SOTO, HINDSITE, KOOL BREEZE, SUAVE,the COMPANY Band, and DOWN WITH 3, along with L.A.'s hottest Club Disco DJ's in July.
BEATLEMANIA comes to the Radisson in August, and a benefit concert for the Los Angeles Music & Art School, featuring such names as ORQUESTA SON MAYOR, CHINO ESPINOSA, JOHNNY POLANCO, comedians (to be announced), and many other acts to be announced are all coming your way in October.
For more info: www.jegrp.com .

A new, but not so really new, group pounding out it's turf and building up a good following lately is SIDETRACS, kicking butt with some hot dance music as they start to make their rounds throughout L.A.'s San Fernando Valley. For more info, check out: www.sidetracs.com . These guys are good !

Keeping the cultura and orgullo Brown alive in the Land of 1000 Dances as he has for well over 35 years, Luis Rodriguez and his TIA CHUCHA'S CENTRO CULTURAL in Sylmar continue to put forth a rich offering of Arte y Cultura de Aztlan through books, poetry, spoken word poetry, music, dance, education, community awareness programs and public events open to the public of all ages.

I HIGHLY endorse the enrichness of YOUR life through the wonder and magic of the Art of our people. Many of these events & programs are FREE! For more info: text www.tiachucha.com .

My home~girl, and fastest rising Latina Comedienne and actress in L.A. , the foxy JILL-MICHELE MELEAN, offers a recession busting FREEBIE comedy show for all of you that enjoy a good laugh and a good time this Thursday, July 9th, at the Hollywood-Melrose Improv with her famed JILLY ON LINE comedy show. For more info & FREE tickets: www.jillyonline.comt ~ and tell her you heard it from Frankie Firme and LatinoLA.com , and I'll see you there!

And speaking of comedy, and a good time, thousands of Gente have enjoyed the renown GILBERT ESQUIVEL EAST SIDE OLD SCHOOL COMEDY & DANCE SHOW at the Odyssey Grand Ballroom for the past few years, and we are happy to announce that it's coming to you again Friday, July 17th by popular demand. Featuring some of the funniest comedians in the Country, along with foot stomping, slow grinding Old School music provided by DJ's Steve Rivera and Bobby Arias. Tickets are $15.00 & $25.00. For info & tickets: 310-518-2229.

If you're reading this piece in the great land of Brown people, Texas, don't feel left out. My man FRANK GOMEZ, probably one of the baddest Chicano Blues & Funk music vatos out of Texas since the late, great RANDY GARIBAY, is hosting a July 4th party dedicated to all our U.S. fighting men & women at the BABY ALCAPULCO in Austin, featuring the hard hitting Frank Gomez Blues Band. For more info: www.frankgomez.com

And if you love Latin Jazz, and who doesn't (except my Amish homies in Ohio and an ex redneck girlfriend in Kentucky), L.A.'s leading man in that category, Mr. Bob Desena and his band rocks old downtown L.A. for happy hour starting at 5:30pm at the Provencho Restaurant on the corner of Flower & Wilshire every Wednesday & Thursday. $5 food & drink specials and great live music is a great excuse to wait for rush hour traffic to die down, or for a drive into downtown Los Angeles. For more info: www.bobdesena.com.

Down in Orange County, Califas,, Rick Ortiz Productions brings you some fine hard rock & Alternative rock tribute bands at the Anaheim House of Blues for those of you of the non-dancing persuasian who still like the sights & sounds of live music and a good party. For more info: www.rickortizprod.com.

Nick's Taste of Texas will hosting a "Menudo at Midnight" concert show featuring LOS FABULOCOS with special guest star KID RAMOS this Friday in Covina. For tickets & info: 626-331-2894 .

Rudy Moreno continues his popular comedy shows at the Icehouse in Pasadena every Tuesday night and every Thursday night at the Commerce Casino, with a special benefit show this Tuesday night. For more info: www.rudymoreno.com.

And last, but not least, the world renown OXNARD SALSA FESTIVAL is happening July 25th & 26th in beautiful Oxnard California. A free family event drawing over 100,000 people every year with some of the best Salsa & Latin Jazz music performers in the World, everybody is invited to the "Barrio by the Sea" for another great West Coast monster party. For more info: www.oxnardsalsafestival.com.

Whew! If that ain't enough heat for you, you're reading this at the South pole!

As always, and especially at this time of the year where we celebrate freedom and independence, PLEASE keep a prayer and well wish in your hearts for our brave men & women serving in uniform over in Iraq and Afghanistan, and ALLL our honorable U.S. Military veterans

Mainstream American media may be giving it occassional attention, but WE ALWAYS close this regular piece with love & admiration for them, because WE remember that it ain't over yet...and we never forget who to thank!

Ay te watcho, from the Land of 1000 Dances,
Frankie Firme

About Frankie Firme ~ Contributing Editor:
Frankie Firme is the Al Capone of the microphone and the Hitman of West Coast Chicano Soul heard on World Wide Internet Radio daily.
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