A story of perspective...

By Emmanuel John Cervantes
Published on LatinoLA: July 10, 2009


I see you go by everyday,
Yet you never bother to look my way.
Could it be that you don't see me there?
Maybe it's just you don't care.

I too held my head high.
Until good fortune turned and said goodbye.
Now my clothes are old and dirty.
But that is just the least of my worries.

Day by day I struggle to survive.
By eating whatever I seem to find.
My stomach aches from lack of food.
My spirit broken from a world so cruel.

I try to drown the sorrow and pain.
By drinking a bottle night and day.
I get called a drunk, bum and a slob.
All I want is help getting a job.

It is raining now so I must go.
To where you ask, well I just don't know.
Next time you see me stop and wave.
I am the homeless man you see everyday.

~ Emmanuel John Cervantes

About Emmanuel John Cervantes:
Born on March 6th, 1979 in Oxnard, California. As a youth he attend a continuation high school but later graduated from his home school. He hold an A.A. in Liberal Studies from Oxnard College and a B.A. in Communications from USC.
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