Sounds of Silence in Venezuela

"You do not know, Silence, like a cancer, grows." Simon and Garfunkel

By Alberto Marrero Salas
Published on LatinoLA: August 5, 2009

Sounds of Silence in Venezuela

"He who controls the present controls the past. He who controls the past controls the future." George Orwell's "1984"

With the closing of 34 radio stations in Venezuela, Hugo Chavez has proven himself to be a great defender of Democracy.

Chavez threatens on a weekly basis Globovision, an independent television station that is the only one that still dares to criticize him. The firm's executive's homes are raided on a continuing basis and these same executives are constantly harassed by members of the thuggish security forces.

All this while whining about the Constitutional transfer of power in Honduras to Micheletti who defended the Honduran Constitution which prohibits the re-election of any sitting president. All of these closings of media outlets are taking place while Chavez calls for respect of Democratic Principles.

Apparently these principles only applies to his pal Zelaya.

Zelaya had ballots printed in Venezuela. Ballots to extend his unconstitutional grab for power .

These are the first of 234 that Hugo Sanchez plans to close in Venezuela.

The following is a statement issued by RCTV, a popular television station that Chavez and his thugs closed in 2007 and is now transmitting through a private cable link: "Another grave closure of independent and free sources of news in Venezuela."

Without a right to defend themselves another 34 sources of information, opinion and entertainment, the first of the 254 radio stations that are to be shut down by the government. It includes radio stations of great popular support in our country.

All of these communications media have committed the crime of being faithful to the people, faithful to the truth and they have not bowed down to the pressures and well-known repression of the government. That is why they are being shut down at the express order of Hugo Chavez Frias.

This aggressive and dictatorial intervention of the regime of Hugo Chavez Frias is against the right of the citizens to express themselves and against journalists and workers whose jobs are stepped upon with impunity, much in line with which we are accustomed with this government. This is not a measure against the owners and directors of these radio stations.

This is a measure against the right of protest, the right of accusation, and the plurality of information and opinion leaving behind irrevocable evidence of the totalliarism of this regime.

The only ones benefiting from these dictatorial conduct are the ones who are friends of the regime who negotiate with this government and have an arbitrary need to silence the means of communications so that the people are not aware of their corruptness.

For the corrupt ones, it is imperative that the government execute its plan of Communicational Homogeny. In the silence that will result they will have an open field to keep on going with impunity their unconfessable businesses.

It is our responsibility to notify that world of this usurpation of the rights of the Venezuelan people.
Of the grotesque consolidation of power of an anti-democratic regime that does not accept, and pretends to silence, free thought and the public scrutiny of their actions.

The closing of 34 radio stations is political and it adds to the strategy of the extermination of all of independent means of communications, that began with the closing of Radio Caracas Television in 2007. They continue with the Cuban laws of control of the television, cable, radio and Internet and the so-called Crimes against the State that the government is intent in imposing.

It is necessary that Venezuela and the rest of the world voice its opposition. We do not accept that the government of Hugo Chavez continue to violate democratic principles and our freedom.

Maybe the people of Honduras knew better. That is why Zelaya is still in Nicaragua.

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About Alberto Marrero Salas:
Partner Nacara 2000. Worked on Wall Street for Merrill and Pru in the 70s and 80s when men were men and the sheep were nervous.
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