Dead, Mad or Working for Ahnold

"The beat goes on." - Sonny and Cher

By Alberto Marrero Salas
Published on LatinoLA: August 17, 2009

Dead, Mad or Working for Ahnold

"The beat goes on, yes the beat goes on." - Sonny and Cher

Are you mad as hell and not going to take it anymore? If not, read on.

With the recent budget agreement in Sacramento after a historic unprecedented 12 billion dollars in new taxes passed last February California still is spending tax dollars like a drunken sailor.

You car tax doubled. Your sales tax is now 9 3/4 % in Los Angeles in South Gate it's 10 1/4%. Your income tax will be higher.

It was reported that since 2008 the State of California had hired 3,600 new employees. During that same time period the private sector lost over 720,000 jobs.

They hire. We get fired.

With a 26 billion dollar deficit California has a bigger deficit than all of the billion dollar deficit states COMBINED. New York State takes 2nd place with a 4 plus billion dollar deficit. Rest in Peace, Bear Stearns and Lehman.

Most of the deficit in New York was caused by the slaughter that took place on Wall Street over last 12 months.

If taxes were raised again in California it would make no difference. It would be gobbled up by State employees and their unions. Some are calling for the elimination of the 2/3 requirement in the legislature to raise taxes (Proposition 13).

If the 2/3 majority imposed by Proposition 13 (which as a young struggling father of three was a God send) is eliminated we will have more and more people losing their homes. When Prop. 13 passed my mortgage payment had not increased yet my taxes on my home had been increased by 100%.

Retired people on fixed income were forced to sell their homes

The Wall Street Journal announced that Stress Debt (bad loans) would reach $84 billion up from 20 billion in March of this year.

AOL Real Estate reported that home values had dropped more than 15.6% in the last three months ending in June in 129 of 155 metro markets.

Foreclosures were up 7% from June in July. reported that foreclosures were up 32% from June of last year. Over 360,000 Americans received foreclosure notices last month.

The Deutsche Bank reported that the amount of mortgages that will be under water (owe more than house is worth) in 2011 will be 48 percent versus 26 percent in March of this year. In the next two years your will see all of the 4 year and 5 year adjustable rate mortgages reset. Causing more and more foreclosures.

And with all of the noise coming out of Washington how many people do you know that have been helped with their mortgages by the Federal Government?

How do you raise taxes on homeowners that are losing their homes?

Jobs are being lost. People can't stay in their homes under these circumstances.

If Prop 13 is eliminated are they going to raise the property tax of the rich alone? Of course not.

Why would you raise property taxes on the beleaguered homeowners?

Is it to pay CALPERS the $8500 each and everyone of us owes to the State Employee Retirement System due to their bad investments?

Did your 401k get clobbered in the recent downfall? Did anyone guarantee you losses? NO. But you guaranteed CALPERS losses. As Bill Murray would says, "That's a fact Jack".

If you head down south from Sacramento you find the City of Angels. Our own Los Angelees as Mayor Sam Yorty use to say.

The LA TIMES reported that we now have over 841 City employees who are collecting six figure (100,000.00 plus) pension payments plus health coverage. (That doesn't include the over 5,000 state employees that are collecting the same amount).

You and I are paying $317,000 a year for not working to the ex-head of the DWP Ronald Deaton. You are paying Frank Salas, another DWP retired executive, $290,000 a year for not working.

The TIMES also reported that by 2011 twenty five percent of the City of Los Angeles budget will go to paying people NOT TO WORK.

Twenty five percent, not for the kids, not for education, not for the sick or the elderly. Twenty five percent of the budget paid to people who ARE NOT WORKING.

You have 841 people being paid over $100,000 per year NOT TO WORK.

Do you get $100,000 to stay home?

So why are you paying for 841 people who do nothing but stay at home?

Don't fool yourself. Any increase in taxes will not go to the children, the elderly, the sick, the students. These people are the first to be cut.

They are the poster boys, the kids in the wheelchairs being paraded about to justify tax increases. The real beneficiaries are the state, county and city public employee unions and their bought and paid for legislators, board of supervisors, city councilmen and Mayors.

During the recent budget debate did you hear of any benefit to Public Employees being reduced or cut? The answer is no, nada, zilch.

The money will go to State, County and City employees and their unions and the sick will still be sick, the children uneducated and the elderly unattended.

There is an unholy union between State legislatures and the public employee unions.

When next election comes up vote out the incumbent. Vote out the beast.

None of these self-serving bastards deserve to be re-elected.

If your not mad now, you're either dead, stoned or a public employee.

My humble thanks to Don Abelardo and the crew of LatinoLA for allowing us to publish our thoughts whether left, right or just far-out crazy.

May GOD BLESS all of the men and women of the Armed Forces.

About Alberto Marrero Salas:
Partner NACARA 2000 worked on Wall Street during the go go 70's and 80's for Mother Merrill and Pru-Bache when being a yuppie was in.
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